• Air cleaning expert
  • Customized solutions worldwide
  • Over 49 years of experience
  • Air cleaning expert
  • Customized solutions worldwide
  • Over 49 years of experience
Euromate BV
About us

Our mission: Clean and safe indoor air for everyone

We believe that clean indoor air is a substantial right for everyone and that it is the basis for a happy and healthy life. However, our experience shows that a working environment often contains invisible pollution. By cleaning the indoor air, we have ensured for more than 49 years that workplaces become cleaner. Contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, fine dust, odours, gases and oil mist are reduced. Creating clean indoor air through air filtering and air cleaning contributes to the health of your employees, reduces absenteeism costs, reduces malfunctions and maintenance costs of machines.

Our approach

This is what we can do for you

Euromate is the authority in the field of air cleaning. Our consultants first make an inventory of the current situation and then provide tailor-made advice. This takes into account the existing ventilation possibilities, the number of people in the room, the activities and the type of pollution, with the aim of improving air quality. After installation of the air cleaners, our own service technicians can carry out periodic maintenance, thus ensuring a long service life.

Our professional air cleaners are not only designed in-house, but they are also assembled in-house with mainly European quality parts. All our air cleaners are plug & play, user-friendly, low-noise and energy-efficient. Whether they are solutions for general or dental practices, classrooms, hairdressing salons, offices, production areas, logistics or industrial halls, our professional air cleaners can be found in a wide range of spaces all over the world.


After fitting the recommended 18 units, it turned out that we had achieved an average dust reduction of 75% in our distribution center, which in some areas was as much as 80%.
Jan Jaap van der Dussen, Supply Chain Manager at Welkoop Retail B.V.

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One of Euromate’s strengths is that we work a lot with partners worldwide. These include distributors, resellers and installation companies. Are you our partner or do you want to become one? Then click below to go to our special partner page with all the relevant information for you.

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