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Grease and oil in Industry


Grease in the air and oil mist are problems that many industries have to contend with. The transport sector and machine construction industries suffer in many ways. The maintenance of vehicles and machines often involves the use of oil and grease. As a result, companies in machine maintenance and car garages often have to contend with polluted air due to oil mist. Companies operating in the metal industry use metalworking fluids to lubricate and cool tools and products. When these liquids come into contact with rapidly rotating tools, oil mist is created: small droplets of oil that are released into the air. Euromate offers the solution to this problem with the oil extractor.

Grease and oil in catering


If food is prepared with hot fat, normal ventilation systems have a particularly difficult time: the fat gets stuck in the hood, necessitates additional cleaning costs, energy costs and, in the worst case, can even increase the risk of fire. This dissolves, evaporates and spreads through the air with a nasty impact on the body as a result. As a result, staff in restaurants, cafes, hotels, snack bars or catering are often the victims of unhealthy air. 



The effect

What is the effect of Grease and Oil?

Oil vapors and oil mist have a negative effect on, among other things, our respiratory tract, skin and eyes. If the mist contains pieces of metal, these fine particles can even be carcinogenic. Oil mist can also cause slippery floors and it is harmful to the metalworking machines. In the hospitality industry, it is unhealthy for kitchen staff to continuously inhale smoke, fumes and odors. The greasy smoke can also cause problems in the exhaust duct at this location, such as pests or fire.

The bad smells in the kitchen should also not end up in the restaurant because they cause a lot of nuisance to the staff and guests.

The solution

The solution: Remove grease air with the oil extractor

Filtering grease air and oil mist has great advantages. In many cases, a kitchen filtration system is a good solution within the catering industry. For large industrial maintenance areas, an industrial air purifier is a good choice. We also have a good solution for extraction in smaller workshops. Euromate will always look at the individual situation of your company in order to offer a tailor-made solution.

The best air cleaner to remove grease and oil from the air

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“We are very satisfied with the Euromate extraction system. “The ceiling-mounted extraction systems significantly reduce pollutants in the air and can be programmed as required.”
Mr. Manfred Kindermann, Managing Director, Knorr-Bremse KAMA

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