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  • Air cleaning expert
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Viruses and odours at School

There is often a musty smell in the classrooms at school. This is caused by poor ventilation. If the air ‘stands still’, it will become stale. In addition, the students themselves also bring all kinds of smells from sweat (after the gym) but also from clothing that has become wet from the rain. When classrooms are overcrowded, there is a greater chance of ‘bad smells’ that can pollute the indoor air.


During the corona pandemic, the poor air quality in the school buildings caused a lot of uncertainty among school staff, students and parents. This included fear of spreading the virus in the (practice) rooms, teachers’ rooms and meeting rooms. In addition to viruses and bacteria, unpleasant odors and particulate matter also contribute to poor and unhealthy air quality.


Because the ventilation installation in many schools is not sufficient, in practice this means that windows and doors are opened. Due to the outside temperature, a lot of cold or warm air comes in. In addition, other types of air pollution such as particulate matter, soot particles and pollen also enter the room. This has a detrimental effect on the students and teachers in the room.


VisionAir Air Cleaner

Viruses and odours at the Nursery

In childcare, the indoor air is continuously polluted by odours, particulate matter, micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses. In daycare centers there is often a musty smell in the classrooms. These are caused by poor ventilation. In addition, the children themselves also bring all kinds of smells, for example from sweat, wet clothes and diapers.


When nurseries are very full it means that there are many potential ‘bad smells’ that can pollute the indoor air. Poor air quality is unhealthy for both children and employees. It can cause illness, lung problems and allergic reactions.

School St. Joseph uses Euromate Air Cleaner

This is how we solve it

From our many years of experience in combating bacteria, particulate matter and virus particles in schools in Scandinavia, we know that installing good (mobile) air cleaners is a good and practical additional solution to improve air quality. In addition, it saves costs because windows can mainly remain closed. Teachers and students are more alert, have better concentration and fewer health complaints.


In the above examples, adding noiseless air cleaning is a good addition to guarantee comfort and clean indoor air. We offer air cleaners for rooms >18 mand with various filter packages, specifically for viruses, deodorization or other sources of pollution. The VisionAir Blue line is certified by VTT (and validated by TNO)  and available on display, wall and ceiling mounted. The Pure Air Shield 3300 is certified by SGS and especially designed for large areas.

Advantages of air cleaning:

  • Provide healthy indoor air with a professional air cleaner
  • No problems with unpleasant odors, viruses, bacteria and (fine) dust
  • Fresh and accessible space
  • Energy-efficient, heated and cooled air is better distributed
  • High productivity, less fatigued staff
  • Healthy supply of clean air through effective extraction and filtration of the indoor air.

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