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  • Air cleaning expert
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Restaurants and Canteens

Viruses and odours in Restaurants and Canteens

In most restaurants and canteens, the air quality is sufficient according to the branche requirements. However, the guidelines from the branche are focused on making the environment comfortable, think of the temperature, odours and the control of the CO2 in the air. The guidelines need to be adapted when the air also needs to be cleared of viruses and bacteria. In that case, the ventilation system must be extended or air cleaners must be installed in the restaurant.

Pure Air Shield Luchtreiniger Euromate

Odours in the Cafeteria

The cafeteria of a sports club or company is often teeming with people at peak times (after the game/during the break, etc.). However, all these people take odors with them, which can lead to a stuffy air. More than once the employees of the canteen are working in bad air. The concentrations of particulate matter, odours and gases are high due to a suffocating combination of cooking and baking equipment, people with body odours and fine particles that enter through windows and doors.


Poor air quality in the caferia creates an unhealthy space and that leads to annoying complaints. A healthy and pleasant environment has a positive effect on the productivity and absenteeism of employees. In such situations, the addition of air purification ensures sufficiently pure indoor air.

Professional Kitchens

Tackle grease, smoke and odor in Professional kitchens

Fat, smoke and soot particles are released during every cooking process in canteens, industrial kitchens, fast food, restaurants and hospital kitchens. In professional kitchens where intensive cooking is done day in and day out, these particles quickly accumulate in the exhaust duct and in the fans. This entails serious risks, because many particles are flammable. In addition, odor nuisance can arise.


With the help of an extraction system for the catering industry, you can tackle fire hazards and odor nuisance in an effective way. Grease, smoke and soot particles are filtered out of the air before they enter the ventilation system. This advanced system for catering extraction filters even the smallest particles from the air. An additional advantage is that considerable savings are also made on the maintenance costs of the ventilation system.


This is how we solve it

We offer catering environments a number of options for tackling pollution from odours, grease and oil in the air. Euromate will always look at a company’s individual situation to offer a tailor-made solution. Please get in touch for a no-obligation chat about the options available in your specific situation.


In addition to cleaning your indoor air of harmful substances like odours, greases and oils, air cleaning also offers a number of other great benefits.


Advantages of air cleaning:

  • Clean interior air for a healthier working environment
  • Limit odour nuisance
  • Reduce the risk of fire
  • Savings of up to 30% on energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • Reduced absence due to illness – as much as 40%

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