• Air cleaning expert
  • Customized solutions worldwide
  • Over 49 years of experience
  • Air cleaning expert
  • Customized solutions worldwide
  • Over 49 years of experience
The mission

Mission of Euromate

The mission of Euromate is: Provide everyone in the work environment with clean and safe indoor air. We do this by offering a suitable solution for every workspace that is easy to install and does what we say it does.

From the first moment of contact, we provide you with the desired information about your specific problem and our appropriate solution. Even after installing the solution, we ensure that the product is maintained and that the operation is guaranteed.


The origin of Euromate

Euromate was founded in 1975 by Dick den Dekker, an entrepreneur who had a gramophone record factory where, among other things, the records of the British rock group Roxy Music were pressed. In order to improve the sound quality of the records, it was a great wish of Den Dekker to reduce the suspended matter in his company.

After years of research and experimentation, including in the United States, he developed his own air cleaner. After acquisitions of companies in the United Kingdom and Sweden, among others, the company expanded under the new name Plymovent Den Dekker with air cleaners against tobacco and welding fumes.

Plymoventh becomes Euromate

New management in 2015

At the end of 2014, the business unit that focuses on tobacco smoke was bought by the current director Chris Westerveld – originally a mining engineer – an entrepreneur with several companies, including playground equipment, chemicals and metalworking. “It took a long to-do list and ditto transformation, especially to make the necessary development abroad. We also felt that the company had become too dependent on the (now declining) smoking market and shifted the focus to pollutants in the industry. Think of particulate matter, odors, gases, bacteria, viruses, greasy air and oil mist.”

Westerveld continues: “We specialize in air cleaning in industrial environments such as woodworking, storage, logistics services and production. In addition, we focus on offices and workspaces such as hairdressers, dental practices and beauty salons. We not only have the solutions, but are the expert and source of information for a healthy indoor climate at companies. Dust problems are a real health risk for employees, with the effect of sick leave and dissatisfaction at work. Companies often have no idea that this is happening to them. ” To this end, additional measuring equipment has been purchased and customers receive extensive situation analyzes and measurements – also based on data comparisons within their own industry – to keep track of the indoor air and, if necessary, tackle it effectively.

Our method

This is how we work

You want a solution for your indoor air pollution and you have come to Euromate. We offer air cleaners that provide a healthy environment in spaces such as offices, schools, dentists, shoemakers, physiotherapists and beauty salons. We also have solutions for all kinds of pollution in industrial halls such as warehouses, workplaces, woodworking, production and metalworking. 

You have confidence in the Euromate solution offered and we will start the process together with you. What can you expect from us?

  • Inventorize
  • Measurement
  • Advice
  • Quotation
  • Installation
  • Service
  • After sales
Step 1 of 7

Step 1 - Inventorize

We always start with personal contact. We would be happy to schedule a visit with you to map out your specific situation. We make an inventory of, among other things, the size of the room, the presence of a ventilation system, the type(s) of pollution and also what activities are taking place.

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Step 2 - Measurement

To gain insight into the amount of pollution in industrial environments, if desired we can perform a measurement of the indoor air (short-term or for a longer consecutive period).

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Step 3 - Advice

The results provide a clear picture of the degree of pollution. We are happy to evaluate the findings together with you. On the basis of this, we draw up tailor-made advice.

Step 4 of 7

Step 4 - Quotation

We process the advice in a clear quotation. If you have any questions, you can always contact your account manager. If you agree with the quote, we will ensure that the order is immediately implemented. You will receive an order confirmation stating the expected delivery date.

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Step 5 - Installation

When the exact installation date is known, it will be passed on to you, so you have enough time to make any preparations. Our installation engineers will install the air cleaner(s) at the agreed time and then give you a detailed explanation of how they work.

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Step 6 - Service

To ensure that your air cleaner(s) works optimally and to keep it in good condition, we will agree on a service frequency with you. The number of services per year depends on the amount of pollution in the room. In consultation with you, we ensure that the necessary maintenance is carried out in a timely manner.

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Step 7 - After sales

A few weeks after installation, our after-sales department will call you to ask about your experience. Of course you can always call us yourself if you have any questions.