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  • Air cleaning expert
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Privacy Policy Euromate

Last update: 2 April 2024

Your privacy is of great importance to Euromate. We therefore comply with the relevant laws and regulations on privacy, including the General Data Protection Regulation (further: AVG). This means that we:

  • Clearly define our purposes, before we process your personal data, via this privacy statement;
  • Store as little personal data as possible and only the data necessary for our purposes;
  • Explicitly seek consent for processing your personal data, should consent be required;
  • Implement necessary security measures to protect your personal data. We also impose these obligations on parties processing personal data for us;
  • Respect your rights, such as the right to access, correct or delete your personal data processed with us.

Your data is safe with us and we will always use it properly. In this privacy statement, we explain everything we do at the Euromate website with information we learn about you.

If you have any questions or want to know exactly what we track about you, please contact Euromate. Euromate is responsible for the website and therefore the responsible organisation for the use of your personal data as described in this privacy statement. The full details are:

Minervum 7324
4817 ZD Breda

Sending of newsletters
We have a newsletter and you will be added to the list of subscribers only with your permission. In the newsletter, you will read news, tips and information about our products and services. For this purpose, we use your:

  • Name and address details;
  •  E-mail address.

We do this on the basis of your consent. We keep this information until you cancel the subscription.

The newsletter is sent by e-mail once every two months. The content of the newsletter includes the following:

  • Information about our products, information about related topics concerning our products, relevant news related to our products.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. Each newsletter contains an unsubscribe link.

Extranet portal access
Our Extranet portal gives our partners access to an environment where they can access commercial and marketing information about our products. We keep track of what you have done as a partner and when, so that there is evidence of it. For this, we use your:

  • Name and address details;
  • E-mail address.

We need these because of the contract we conclude with you. We keep this information, until the end of the service to you.

Forms allow you to ask us questions or request documentation. For this, we use your:

  • Name and address details;
  • Telephone number;
  • E-mail address.

We do this based on your consent. We keep this information, until we are sure you are satisfied with our response and six months after that. This allows us to easily grab the information when we have follow-up questions. It also allows us to train our customer service to become even better.

Statistics and profiling
We keep statistics on the use of our website, but this is done anonymously at all times. We use these statistics to improve our website in order, for example, to display only relevant information. We may combine your personal data to find out more about you. Naturally, we will respect your privacy at all times. If you do not want this, you can always inform us. For this purpose, we use your:

  • IP address.

We do this on the basis of your consent. We keep this information, for six weeks.

We use the lead generation service of Leadinfo B.V., Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The tool recognises company visits to our website based on IP addresses and shows us publicly available information, such as company names or addresses. In addition, Leadinfo sets two first-party cookies, to evaluate user behaviour on our website and the tool processes domains from form entries (e.g. “”) to correlate IP addresses with companies and improve services. More information is available at On this page: you have an opt-out option. If you opt out, your data will no longer be recorded by Leadinfo.

We would like to send you advertising about offers and new products or services. We do this:

  • By e-mail;
  • Via social media;
  • By telephone.

You can object to this advertising at any time. Each e-mail contains an unsubscribe link. You can block us or use the unsubscribe option. You can indicate this when you receive a call.

Provision to other companies or institutions
With the exception of the parties needed to provide the services mentioned above, we do not under any circumstances provide your personal data to other companies or institutions, except if we are required to do so by law (e.g. if the police demand it in case of suspected crime).

We keep statistics on the use of our website, but these data are always anonymised.

Our website includes social media buttons. With these, the operators of these services collect your personal data.

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small files in which we can store information so that you do not have to fill it in every time. But they also allow us to see that you are visiting us again. You can disable cookies through your browser, but some things on our website will then no longer work properly. We have made agreements with other companies that place cookies. However, we do not have full control over what they themselves do with the cookies. So please also read their privacy statements. For more information about the cookies we use on our website, please refer to our cookie policy.

Personal data security is very important to us. We ensure that your data is properly secured with us. We constantly update security and pay close attention to what can go wrong.

Data protection officer
We have appointed a so-called data protection officer. This person is responsible for privacy within our organisation. Our data protection officer is called Marian Herrijgers and can be reached by e-mail at and by phone at 076-5789550 for all your questions and requests.

Changes to this privacy statement
When our website changes, we naturally also have to update the privacy statement. So always note the date above and check regularly for new versions. We will do our best to communicate changes to you.
If you have any questions or want to know what personal data we hold about you, you can always contact us. Please see the contact details below.

You have the following rights:

  • To be explained what personal data we hold and what we do with it;
  • To inspect the exact personal data we hold;
  • To have errors corrected;
  • To have outdated personal data deleted;
  • To have personal data transferred to another party;
  • Withdrawing consent;
  • Restricting a particular processing;
  • Objecting to a particular use.

Please ensure that you always clearly indicate who you are, so that we can be sure that we do not modify or delete data belonging to the wrong person.

In principle, we will comply with your request within one month. However, this deadline may be extended for reasons related to the specific rights of data subjects or the complexity of the request. If we extend this deadline, we will inform you in good time.

Filing a complaint
If you would like to make a complaint about the use of your personal data, please email We will address any complaint internally and communicate this further with you.

If you feel we are not helping you in the right way, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the regulator. This is called the Personal Data Authority.

Contact details
Minervum 7324
4817ZD Breda
E-mail address:

Telephone number: 076-5789550
Chamber of Commerce number: 70027110