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DB Services

"Ventilation alone is not enough. Air cleaners will become the standard."
Thomas-Peter Mühlbauer, head of services/service manager
The Challenge

Enabling face-to-face training during the coronavirus pandemic.

DB Services is the facilities specialist of Deutsche Bahn. To be able to offer services in the best way possible, regular top-up training is a necessity, whether legally prescribed training or introductions to new technologies and processes. Training is held on location in Nuremberg in two well-equipped training rooms of different sizes.


The challenge: enabling face-to-face training during the coronavirus pandemic. ‘We need a virus killer!’ Thomas-Peter Mühlbauer smiles as he reflects on the first time that he went looking for solutions. ‘We bombarded people with questions and carried out intensive research on the internet. We were quite clear on the problem—we cannot work without face-to-face training!’


They endeavoured to conduct as much training online as possible, ‘but at the same time, it was a question of making traditional training for participants and trainers possible with as much protection against coronavirus infection as possible.’ Plexiglass dividing walls were put in place, four tables were occupied by just two people, then by just one. Since September 2020, six air cleaners from the VisionAir BlueLine MicrobeFree Global range have been installed in the rooms at DB Services Nuremberg. ‘The devices look great and we have them running every day. It’s nice that we decided to buy two devices for portable use.’

Pure Air Shield Luchtreiniger Euromate
The Solution

"I would like to have air cleaners in every room where ten to fifteen people are together for one or two hours both now and in the future."

What do Thomas-Peter Mühlbauer and his employees think of the ‘virus destroyers’ from Euromate? ‘Senol Göktas, Director of Euromate Germany, gave us extensive information and answered all of our questions. In addition to the performance of the device, the frequency of maintenance was also important to us, who carries it out and that the devices continue to perform well for the entirety of their lifecycle.’


The experience was so good that ThomasPeter Mühlbauer immediately agreed to Senol Göktas’ offer to install the brand-new PAS (Pure Air Shield 3300) air cleaner for large spaces in the training rooms as a trial. ‘The new devices have since been commissioned in our two training rooms and our colleagues and employees feel reassured about the way in which we work,’ explains Thomas-Peter Mühlbauer, two months after having the two PAS air cleaners installed.


‘Although we’re avoiding face-to-face training as much as possible for the time being, holding some face-to-face sessions, taking into account all hygiene requirements, has been unavoidable. Your powerful air cleaners have allowed us to do that under difficult circumstances. A quick survey amongst colleagues provided a very encouraging picture. The quality of the indoor area has always been good at level 4 (very quiet operation), even with ten people in the room.’


The fact that fine particulate is filtered from the air together with coronavirus is a key side effect. ‘Professional experience has shown me how air ducts can look after a few years, and all of that ends up in our lungs as well.’ Not a good idea.


And gradually, distancing, face masks and air cleaners have reduced the number of flu and cold infections. Another reason why Mühlbauer is convinced of the benefit of air cleaners beyond the coronavirus pandemic. ‘I would like to have air cleaners in every room where ten to fifteen people are together for one or two hours both now and in the future.’


Mühlbauer is convinced that in the future, indoor air will be more important than ever before. The coronavirus pandemic and the realisation that a large number of infections occur indoors have made people more sensitive to the quality and purity of indoor air

Achieve favourable savings

  • Cleans 99,99% of the polution from the air
  • Less absence due to illness
  • Saving on energy due to recirculation
The Product

Pure Air Shield 3300

The Pure Air Shield 3300 helps you to create a safe (working) environment. The air cleaner is suitable for large indoor rooms and filters (fine) particulate, bacteria and viruses such as corona from the air. Contaminated air is drawn in at the base of the air cleaner and blown out clean at the top. Since the air is cleaned several times every hour, rather than just once, a continuous flow of clean air is guaranteed.

  • Efficiently cleans up to 99.995% of suspended particulate matter and aerosols from the air.
  • SGS certified, proven effective
  • Extremely quiet
  • Easy to operate
  • Plug and play system
  • Low-energy thanks to timer function

Opt for the Pure Air Shield if you want the reassurance of truly clean air in your working environment or occupied space and put your health and well-being, and that of your employees, at the heart of what you do. The design of the Pure Air Shield works in any interior.

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