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Allergies, pollen. sick building

How do infections arise in a room?

Airborne viruses such as corona or flu are mainly transmitted via small droplets; aerosols. These droplets float in the air indoors for hours and can lead to indirect contamination even when the infected person is no longer in the room. Aerosols are proven carriers of germs and these tiny droplets can float in a room for hours. Breathing it in can cause illnesses such as the flu or illness from the coronavirus. One virus particle is rarely enough to make someone sick. All the more important that these particles are filtered out of the air.

You (usually) have to come into contact with a large amount of virus particles before you get sick. This happens, for example, in rooms where there is no or too little ventilation and/or where many people are together, especially for a longer period of time.

Air quality, pollen, sick building
The effect

What is the effect of airborne viruses?

Every person is in constant contact with possible pathogens such as viruses. Most viruses are stopped by skin or mucous membranes. If the virus penetrates further into the body, we speak of a virus infection. Then the immune system comes into action to prevent further spread: white blood cells, immune cells and lymph nodes help with this. If the virus spreads further, complaints can arise.

The flu and colds are the most common viral infections. The complaints that often occur with this are also seen in many other viral diseases: fever, headache and muscle aches. The immune system goes to work to make the virus harmless after all.

The solution

Fighting viruses with the virus filter

By using an air cleaner that effectively filters aerosols containing viruses from the indoor air, the risk of contamination is minimized. Our air cleaners against viruses have been extensively tested and approved by independent institutes. They have a high efficiency and provide an environment with clean and safe air.

Tips for a virus-proof office or work environment. Our advisors are often asked how the indoor air of an office or working environment can be made virus-proof. And what good ventilation actually means. As far as we are concerned, ventilation and air cleaning are inextricably linked. We are happy to share a few tips with which you can get started step by step.

  1. Inventory the possibilities in the field of ventilation
  2. Provide plenty of fresh outside air
  3. Make sure polluted indoor air does not recirculate
  4. Invest in good air cleaning
  5. Get good advice

The best air cleaner to remove viruses and bacteria from the air

Would you like to know more about the possibilities for your situation? I like to give advice!
“Our measurements show that the air purifiers do their job very well. In particular, particulate matter, which can spread the coronavirus, is significantly reduced.”
Marco Rouw - Head Production of the Wilminktheater and Music Center Enschede

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