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  • Air cleaning expert
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  • Over 49 years of experience

Phoenix Pallets

"Measurements show that the units do their work well. The remaining (fine) dust level is more than acceptable."
Frank Pape, Head of Technical Department
The Challenge

Phoenix Pallets

Phoenix Pallets has a history that goes back to 1891. It all started with the production of wooden barrels for butter. Gradually, the switch was made to pallets and new markets were conquered. Today the company is an international player and part of the Foresco Group. Partly thanks to regular takeovers of manufacturers and service providers in the pallet sector, Phoenix Pallets has been able to achieve steady growth with an ever-increasing market area.


Frank Pape has been head of the technical department at Phoenix Pallets since October 2020 and in this position he has final responsibility for all technical matters at the branches in Hasselt and Assen. At the moment there is a lot going on at Phoenix Pallets. Like many companies, there are challenges in terms of people and materials. The war in Ukraine is also a factor, as a lot of wood comes from Germany and the Eastern Bloc.  Nevertheless business is booming at Phoenix Pallets and at the moment the site in Hasselt is busy preparing a new hall with a production line for new pallets.

Dust problems

"The employees were very bothered by the finedust in the air."

In the repair department, mainly old pallets are checked and repaired. Every week, between 4000 and 5000 pallets pass through the hands of the men in this department. The pallets have travelled all over the world and are contaminated with (fine) dust because of the materials transported on them. In addition to the contamination that is already the pallets and which is released during the repair, a lot of (fine) dust is also generated by the repair work itself and by the many forklift truck movements in the department.


In the repair hall, where there is no roof or wall ventilation, only the (rolling) doors can be opened to provide some fresh air. This was not enough. The (fine) dust remained in the inside air of the workshop and caused problems. The employees were very bothered by it and complaints arose that had to be resolved.

Referentie Phoenix Hasselt
Dust Free Industrial 8500
The Solution

"Our employees feel the difference and that's what matters”

Phoenix Pallets first came into contact with Euromate in 2019. An inventory of the situation on site was made by the advisor and measurements were also made at the time. On the basis of this information, tailor-made advice was given. It was then decided to purchase three Dust Free Industrial 8500 air cleaners.


Frank: “When I started working at Phoenix Pallets in 2020, the units had already been in operation for several months. The staf were positive about the effect and noticed that there was much less (fine) dust. It was just not yet known what exactly the difference was and whether the service frequency was sufficient.” Frank continues: “We work in 4.5 shifts so the DFIs run about 80 hours per week. In order to gain insight into the operation and to check whether the frequency of filter changes was sufficient. Euromate took measurements before and after the filters were changed. This showed that even when the filters are full, the DFIs still perform well. It also became clear that the dust level is more than acceptable while using the units.” Frank is very satisfied with the DFIs and the contact with Euromate. The periodic filter changes, carried out by a regular Euromate service technician, are always announced on time and carried out efficiently. Frank: “Euromate keeps an eye on everything and that makes it easy for me, so I don’t have to worry about it. This worry-free service is much appreciated. But the most important thing for us is that the men on the line and the people in the hall notice the difference and have fewer complaints!”

Dust Free Industrial 8500

Achieve favourable savings

  • Save up to 70% on cleaning costs
  • A healthy working environment with 40% less absence due to illness
  • 30% saving on energy consumption
  • Lower machine downtime with maintenance costs reduced by 30%
The Product

Dust Free Industrial (DFI) 8500

The Euromate Dust Free Industrial (DFI) 8500 has been developed specifically for production and industrial environment such as workplaces, retail business, construction markets, wholesalers, distribution centres and warehouses. This unique complete solution not only guarantees a dust-free working environment, but also ease of use and operation for many years to come.

  • A smart measurement and control system for consistent capacity, irrespective of whether the filter is empty or almost full
  • The device recognises the filter and automatically adjusts its configuration for optimal operation
  • Simple control with graphic touchscreen
  • A special LED indicator shows the status of the device
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