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Virusses and Odour in Stores

People randomly walk into a store. One stays a little longer and the other has left after a short visit. However, each visitor to the store takes their own scent with them. As a shop owner, you also have no control over whether your visitor is healthy. The visitor can therefore bring viruses along which can be transmitted to your staff or other visitors via the air.


Poor air quality in a store creates an unhealthy space and that leads to annoying complaints. A healthy and pleasant environment has a positive effect on the customers experience and, equally important, on the productivity and absenteeism of employees in the store. In such situations, the addition of air cleaning ensures sufficiently pure indoor air.


Cigarette Smoke at Airports

An airport has a large reception hall. This is a public space and therefore smoking is not allowed. Smoking is only allowed in a designated smoking area. This applies to travelers but also to employees. Travelers often have to make a long journey if they feel like relaxing with a cigarette. We offer a solution to give a smoker a quick break without going outside or bothering non-smokers with the cigarette-odour.


A smoking area with a lot of transparency (i.e. glass) is important for travelers so that they can always see the flight information on screen. Several travelers can use the cabin at the same time. The choice between a smoking cabin or a smoking room mainly depends on the number of square meters available.

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Changing rooms

Odours in Changing rooms

A changing room is often used by people who exercise intensively. But also within healthcare and production companies, there are often changing rooms with lockers for staff. Unpleasant odours from (work) clothing and sweat come together in a relatively small space. The limited ventilation also causes the air to linger for a long time. This drastically reduces the air quality in the changing rooms. The changing room is an area that people visit relatively often, so the problem can become bigger and more annoying.

Event areas

Odours, virusses and smoke in event areas

During a large party, event or trade fair, there are many visitors in an event hall. The aim is for them to stay inside as long as possible and come into contact with potential customers. You like to keep the air in your event space clean from all kinds of pollution. It is also important to minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria during a concert, a trade fair or an event.


This is how we solve it

In the above examples, adding noiseless air cleaning is a good addition to guarantee comfort and clean indoor air. We offer air cleaners for rooms >18 mand with various filter packages, specifically for viruses or other sources of pollution. 


Advantages of air cleaning:

  • No more problems with unpleasant odours, viruses, bacteria and (fine) dust.
  • Energy efficient; heated and cooled air is well distributed in the space and not blown directly outside.
  • Fresh and accessible commercial space.
  • Higher productivity; staff is less tired at the end of the day.
  • Lower absenteeism; suffer less from headaches, concentration problems, fatigue and throat and nose complaints.
  • Good image of your company

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