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SF-Series Kitchen Air Filtration

Every cooking process releases fat, smoke and soot particles. These quickly accumulate in the exhaust ducts and fans. This poses serious risks, as many particles are flammable and give off odors. An effective way to filter grease, smoke and soot particles before they enter the exhaust duct is the SFE electrostatic kitchen filtration system.

Product benefits

What can you expect from the SF-Series?

  • Total solution for every kitchen air problem
  • Available in different capacities
  • Complements existing ventilation systems
  • Modular system
Remove the smallest particles

Reduce the risk of fire hazards and odor problems in the professional kitchen.

The SF-kitchen filtration system is based on an electrostatic filter technique. The air flow first passes through a mechanical pre-filter to remove larger particles, removing a significant portion of dirt and grease and protecting the electrostatic filter system. Second, the air is blown through the ionization section. Grease, smoke and soot particles are given a positive electrical charge. They are attracted to the negatively charged collector plates in the third step. The electrostatic filter removes the smallest particles (down to 0.1 microns) from the air flow. Optionally, a carbon filter can be added to further reduce odor.

From canteen to kitchen. The kitchen filtration system of Euromate is suitable for: fast food and oriental restaurants, kitchens in hospitals and nursing homes, pizza restaurants, shopping malls, etc. 


Features of the SF-Series Air Cleaners

  • Ensures less risk of fire
  • Saves 50% on cleaning costs 
  • Tackles grease and odours
  • Total solution for every kitchen air problem
  • Filters more than 90% grease and soot particles from the air
  • Plug and play

Does the SF-series need maintenance?

The mechanical filters, the ioniser and collector on the SF need maintenance on a regular basis. This will prevent the accumulation of grease which can have an adverse effect on the system’s functioning. For optimal use regular maintenance by a professional is recommended. A service contract can be agreed. Various maintenance agreements are possible depending on the filter choice and the degree of air pollution.

Combine filter-units

Combine units for a tailor made system

There are different types of filters available to combine. By combining these filters you get a tailor made system for your kitchen.

  • SFP – Pre filter; captures larger grease and water particles
  • SFM – Media filter; extra pre-filter for (even) smaller grease and water particles
  • SFE – Electrostatic filter; removes smallest particles
  • SFC – Activated carbon filter; removes odours and gases
  • SFF – Ventilator; Provides the airflow and sucks the polluted air

The units can easily be assembled in line – on top of or behind each other – which gives you the possibility of installing the most effective filter combination to suit your individual needs. Options for the SF relate to integrated pre- and final filters, oil drainer, and remote control. Also, the odour filter system SFC can be installed seamlessly behind the SFE.

Plug and Play

Go for a quick ‘plug & play’ installation

The SF-series kitchen filtration system can be installed simply via ‘plug & play’ in new and in existing ventilation systems. In most existing cases the extractor fan will provide  sufficient power to compensate for the low pressure loss. External installation is also possible as long as provisions for this are made.

Coffee roasting process

Filter smoke, fine dust and smells during the coffee roasting process

Roasting coffee is a beautiful process in which green coffee beans are heated with hot air leading to the first crack when beans break out and are enriched with distinct flavours and complexity of the typical coffee aroma. However, the fresh green coffee beans also contain a variety of chemical compounds. During the roasting, when heat is applied to the coffee beans, byproducts will set free leading to smoke and smell. Coffee roasters are exposed to smoke, smells and fine dust every day during this production process.

Good filtration in the extraction system helps prevent potential risks, fines and damage to image, not to mention the savings with respect to cleaning, insurance premiums  and energy costs. Employers also want to create a healthy work environment choosing a professional filtration system. Effective filtration takes place in a few successive
steps. The baffle filters in the extraction hood will only catch the largest dirt particles. In order to remove the smaller particles from the return air, more technical ingenuity is required. For this you can rely on our tried-and-trusted systems.

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Grease, smoke and soot particles are released during every cooking process. These particles accumulate quickly in the extraction duct and the fans in professional kitchens where intensive cooking takes place on a daily basis. This creates serious hazards as many particles are flammable. Euromate has the solution. Read more in our Brochure.

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