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Dust and Oil mist at Metalworking environments

Machinery mainly works with metal. Activities such as cutting, grinding, sanding and bonding (including welding) of metal parts take place here. Where metal is processed, metal dust and metal fumes are created. These substances are toxic and very harmful to health (including allergies, lung diseases and carcinogens). Source extraction is usually not sufficient, with the result that these toxic substances still remain in the production hall. That is why dust extraction for machines is necessary.

Finedust comes free when working with wood

Fine dust in Woodworking environments

It occurs when wood is sawn or processed mechanically and can have major consequences for the health of the personnel. Wood dust is included in the list of carcinogens. The greatest risk is caused by particulate matter, because this can be inhaled deep into the nose and lungs and can cause damage.


Source extraction is often used in woodworking, but this only removes coarse dust particles from the air. Smaller wood dust particles remain suspended in the air and spread in the room. Professional dust extraction is required for woodworking to prevent health problems. Using industrial air purifiers, large amounts of (wood) dust are continuously filtered from the air, resulting in clean and safe indoor air.

Dust Free Industrial 8500

Fine dust in Logistics halls

The indoor air in a logistics hall (including storage, transhipment and warehouse) is exposed to various sources of pollution. The occurrence of swirling, precipitating dust is therefore a well-known phenomenon in logistics. The operational actions in the logistics hall lead to the formation of dust that continues to whirl around due to continuous movements. Processing of paper, cardboard and repacking activities also create a lot of dust. In addition, there are also the dust particles that enter the building from the outside. The negative consequences are major for the health of personnel and for business processes.


A clean and healthy working environment is important for smooth logistics processes. This can be achieved with dust extraction in logistics. Industrial air purifiers also ensure lower energy costs and a good image. A logistics hall usually contains high ceilings with high racks that are sometimes (temporarily) moved. The dust extraction must therefore be easy to move and also function optimally at height.


Fine dust in Production warehouses

All kinds of pollution can arise in the indoor air in the production hall. Despite the fact that source extraction is often used, the small dust particles continue to whirl in the air and eventually settle on the products or semi-finished products. The substances that remain in the air pose a danger to the health of the personnel. If they precipitate, they lead to machine breakdowns, high cleaning costs, a bad image and pose a risk to hygiene. That is why dust extraction is required in the production hall.


This is how we solve it

Depending on the type and amount of pollution, Euromate has an industrial extraction system that can be installed without adjusting the ductwork. 


For industrial companies where the degree of pollution is not exactly known and the need for air cleaning is variable due to the size of the space, our engineers have designed the Air Monitor System 5 (AMS 5). This allows the air quality to be measured over a longer period of time. The system can also communicate with our DFI 8500 industrial air cleaner.


Advantages of industrial dust extraction:

  • Higher productivity, staff are less tired at the end of the day
  • Healthy supply of fresh air through effective extraction and filtration of the indoor air
  • No more trouble with unpleasant odors that can occur during production work
  • Energy-efficient: heated and cooled air is well distributed in the production hall and not blown directly outside
  • Less cleaning costs
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Good image: distinctive in the industry

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