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Improving air quality

in the house

Are you looking for an air cleaner for use at home? Do you have problems with the indoor air and want to solve them? Homes often contain air pollutants in the form of fine dust, micro-organisms, bacteria/viruses, moulds and pollen. Those who keep pets in the home can add hair, dander and allergens to this list. Not to mention the straw, hay or wood shavings that are often used as bedding material. People with lung diseases, asthma and COPD as well as those with hay fever or a dust allergy that is aggravated by pollutants in the air can gain a lot of relief from improvement of the air quality in the home. Many people are not aware that the bedroom is the room with the most pollutants. If symptoms such as shortness of breath, worsening of existing lung diseases and coughing increase, there is a good chance that the air quality in the home is getting worse.

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Air cleaner in house

To improve the air quality an air cleaner is needed. The polluted air is drawn in through the air cleaner, filtered and blown out clean again. It is a proven fact that an air cleaner improves the air quality and relieves symptoms.

The Euromate product range includes various air cleaners that can solve the indoor air problems. Which filter is installed depends on the problem. There are filters that are primarily intended to remove pollutants in the bedroom. Other filters are designed mainly for problems such as odours, bacteria, viruses, moulds, etc. All Euromate air cleaners are installed for free, stand-alone, plug-and-play and versatile.

Benefits of improving the air quality in the home

Improvement of the air quality in the home provides benefits, such as:

  • Healthy supply of fresh air through effective extraction and filtration of the indoor air
  • No more nuisance from unpleasant odours, viruses, bacteria, dust and fine particulates
  • Saves energy: heated and cooled air are distributed evenly rather than being blown out in one location
  • Fresh living environment (incl. bedroom, living room, kitchen)
  • Cleaning less often, because pollutants (e.g. from pets, carpet, dust, hair) are captured by the air cleaner
  • The air is healthier, so the occupants get sick less often

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