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Questions how to improve indoor air quality?

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Pure air everywhere

Euromate enables people to breathe pure air. For the improvement of indoor air quality we offer high-quality, contemporary products that effectively remove a broad range of pollutants. Years of experience, expertise and service orientation allow us to provide effective air cleaning solutions to our (international) customers.


about Euromate

Loyal customer CEVA Logistics from Heerlen (the Netherlands) expands the number of Euromate air purifiers
23 March 2020

CEVA Logistics from Heerlen already had 150 air purifiers from Euromate, but last week another 7 ETO special air purifiers…

Aerosols in dental practices: What and where?
17 March 2020

“The dental practice is a major source of infection.” This statement sounds very firm but is a the truth, a…

Industry Magazine: Manufacturing industry enthusiastic about Euromate air cleaners that filter harmful particulate matter, odours and gases.
11 March 2020

Particulate matter, odours and gases; this is only a small summary of what is floating around us in the indoor…

A suitable solution for pollution in the indoor air

In addition to odour, dust, fumes and grease, there are many other types of air pollutants, such as pollen, viruses, soot, microbiological contamination, aerosols, gases and hair particles. These float in the air and are inhaled, which entails various health risks. Air cleaning ensures that the air remains fresh and clean.

Benefits of Euromate air cleaning

Our professional air cleaners ensure that the air in your organisation is continuously cleaned while also providing the following benefits:

  • Create clean, healthy indoor air
  • No more nuisance from stuffy air, unpleasant odours and stench
  • Reduce absence due to illness
  • Reduce cleaning costs
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce heating costs

Professional air cleaners

Euromate brand air cleaners clean the indoor air In commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, dentist’s offices, haircare salons and shoe repair shops, the indoor air is continuously polluted with contaminants such as tobacco smoke, fine dust, small hair particles, unpleasant odours, microbiological contamination and mercury vapour. With the Euromate VisionAir air cleaner the air in a room is continuously professionally cleaned. The air cleaner draws polluted air to it, cleans this air and then blows clean air back into the room.