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Warm days? Beware of the air conditioning!

Summer officially started last weekend and immediately with high temperatures. Many people and companies therefore turn on the air conditioning. This is normal, because when we are working indoors, it should not become sweltering, because this is a distraction and it makes us less productive. But there is a health hazard in that. Especially now in times of the COVID-19 virus!

Virus particles can be spread through the air by an air conditioner, even if you are more than 1.5 meters away from a sick person (source: University of Oregon). There are even studies that conclude that aerosols in combination with a central air-conditioning system allow virus particles to travel throughout the building.

LUMC virologist Louis Kroes previously told RTL News that air conditioning is beneficial to the spread of the virus. Spreading of the virus, he says, depends on three factors: humidity, temperature and airflows. Humidity and temperature are lowered by air conditioning. “With lower humidity, the virus can therefore travel a greater distance.” The air conditioning also disrupts natural airflows. According to Kroes, this ensures that the virus can be transmitted more easily. In summary, an air conditioner can spread the virus.

Aerosols have long been accused of spreading germs. For example, this relationship was already demonstrated in 1930 by a study from Harvard researcher William Wells. Several more recent studies from around the world show that aerosols can spread the COVID-19 virus as well.

Well-known virologists and experts have questioned the danger of aerosols in recent months. For example, weeks ago German top virologist Christian Drosten (adviser to Chancellor Merkel) stated that aerosols play a dominant role in the distribution. Virologist Ab Osterhaus also believes that the spread of the COVID-19 virus via aerosols should be taken into account. Researcher Maurice de Hond even revealed the danger already on April 2nd, 2020. Detlef Lohse, professor of physics of liquids at the University of Twente, points to the many studies that show how far the aerosols can reach, even without the push of the fan or air conditioner. “Even if the aerosols dry completely and only some virus with salt and protein remains, they can continue to circulate in the air,” said Lohse.

It makes sense that we want to turn on the air conditioning with warm weather. But how is that possible with the COVID-19 virus in our world? Very simple: by installing a VisionAir Blue Line MicrobeFree Global! This air purifier from Euromate, proven by the research institutes TNO and VTT, minimizes aerosols with COVID-19 virus particles by up to 99%! In addition, it filters other air pollution, including bacteria, fine dust, pollen and similar as well. This device works complementary to the air conditioning, is plug and play and can be installed without chopping and breaking.

Together, the air conditioner and air purifier provide a cool environment that minimizes the danger of the COVID-19 virus. A top combination and good marriage, also for when the pandemic is a thing of the past! Read more? Request a free digital brochure!

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