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7 practical tips for setting up a smoking room

Smoking rooms may be the best solution if your organization has a smoking policy that permits smoking. We put together a couple of practical tips you may want to keep in mind, in case you decide to set up a smoking room in your company.

1. Create low air pressure

The air pressure in the smoking room should always be lower than in the rest of the building. This ensures that the air stays in the room and can be cleaned most effectively by the air cleaners. To lower the air pressure you can make use of extra exhaust ventilation, such as a window blower and existing in-house exhaust ventilation.

2. Possible additional ventilation

To get some extra fresh air, we recommend to make use of extra ventilation by, for example, placing a grid in the door. However, this should only be done in case there is low pressure in the smoking room.

3. Doors and doorways

The doors of the smoking room should open inwards, unless the building regulation states otherwise. This helps to minimise the outgoing airstream.

Additionally, it is useful to install a door closer to ensure that the doors close after every in- and outgoing person, which minimizes the time that the doors are standing open.

4. Gaps in the ceiling

It is very important to seal any gabs in the ceiling to prevent tobacco smoke from escaping. This can be done with a silicon sealant.

5. Accessories

In order to minimise the inconveniences caused by odour, we advise to make use of closable ashtrays. Through this, it is possible to enclose the source of odour. As a result, the air cleaner can work more effectively. Closable ashtrays can be integrated in smoking tables or placed separately.

6. Floor covering

A smooth floor covering is easier to clean and absorbs fewer odours. The best floor covers are tiles, linoleum or laminate.

7. Usage of chamber locks

In order optimally counteract the inconvenience of odour, it is possible to make use of a chamber lock. This is aitn additional small room, that people enter before going in or out of the smoking room.

When is it advisable to make use of an air cleaner in a smoking room?
The usage of air cleaners is ideal if it is not possible to upstream the air directly to the outside. It also helps to counteract heat loss.

Our most suitable air cleaner for smoking rooms is the Visionair ElectroMax. Would you like to know more about this air cleaner? Have a look at our VisionAir ElectroMax product page.
Would like to know more about the instalment of a smoking room in your company? Get in contact with us and we will connect you with one of our distributors in your region.

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