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The solution where smokers and non-smokers can be together perfectly

  • The effective air cleaner is a plug & play system that filters tobacco smoke and blows clean air into the room.
  • A smoking cabin can be used by several people at the same time and is also wheelchair friendly.
  • A suitable solution for a smoke-free environment
  • Not only filter tobacco smoke, but optimize overall indoor air quality

In the healthcare sector (incl. nursing homes and hospitals), there are employees, patients and visitors who smoke. Patients (and particularly psychiatric patients) in nursing and care homes smoke much more than other groups. In some cases the patient has already been through a lot or had to make great sacrifices, so it would be heartless to deny them one of their last remaining comforts. Smoking is often permitted in the healthcare sector. A good provision for extracting the tobacco smoke is therefore necessary to keep the nuisance for personnel and visitors to a minimum. They must not be affected by the tobacco odour or tobacco smoke present in the smoking room that could ‘leak’ out. Therefore it must be sealed effectively and equipped with adequate smoke extraction.

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“Since the smoking cabin was installed the nuisance caused by smoking has been significantly reduced and it is more pleasant to be here.”

“A pleasant environment is important for our clients and employees.”
Mr. van Seters, Facilities Manager

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All sorts of solutions are possible in the healthcare sector, yet special attention must be given to the physical impairments of some patients. All of the Euromate solutions are wheelchair-friendly. Another point of attention is the patient’s psychiatric condition. Some patients have psychological disorders that can cause them to occasionally become aggressive. To accommodate this, the solutions and the attributes of the smoking room must be secured in place and indestructible.

Smoking Room

Creation of a smoking room is the most convenient choice if there is plenty of space available. In that case, smoke extraction must be integrated into the smoking room. The most effective solution is to install an air cleaner in the room, because it is plug-and-play and removes the tobacco smoke very thoroughly through recirculation. Moreover, no drilling and channelling work is necessary, because there is no need to install pipes or ducts in the smoking room.

Smoking Cabin

A smoking cabin in the healthcare sector could be a good solution. particularly if the available space is rather limited. The smoking cabins are large enough for multiple people to stand inside, for a quick yet pleasant smoke. They can also be made wheelchair-friendly, and they are vandalism-proof. A smoking cabin is designed for quick installation and is plug-and-play, which means they can also be easily moved elsewhere. Furthermore, there is no need to connect pipes or ducts to carry away the polluted tobacco air. The recirculation system filters tobacco smoke out of the air and blows the clean air back, without the odours or nuisance of the tobacco smoke.