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Round Timber Sawmill Midden Nederland

"We have an obligation to our people to reduce the amount of dust."
Gert Boeve, owner
The company


The demanding but always satisfied customers of Rondhoutzagerij (Roundwood sawmill) Midden Nederland are producers of packaging materials, industrial end-users and transporters. Fast and customer oriented delivery of customised products is key. That is why there is always a large stock of timber, both unprocessed and sawn and dried, in almost every conceivable size. The affiliate company of Rondhoutzagerij Midden Nederland, Boeve & Hop Houthandel, specialises in felling, purchasing and supplying timber.


Owner Gert Boeve: “We buy trees in the Netherlands from municipalities and Staatsbosbeheer (Forestry Commission), among others, but also from many suppliers in Germany. This first-class roundwood we saw into beams and planks for the packaging industry. The parent company, Boeve Houthandel, the forestry branch, has been around for over 60 years. We took over the sawmill from box factory De Boer in 2000.”

The challenge

Healthy work environment

At Boeve & Hop Houthandel and affiliate company Rondhoutzagerij Midden Nederland, they know that wood processing generates a lot of dust, especially during periods of drought in summer. Forklift trucks also create windblown dust. Gert Boeve: “We processed drier wood for a while, but after we bought a new sawing machine and processed more volume, I realised all the more that the health of our people is very important. I would also like to offer them a nice, healthy working environment. The working  conditions should make them happy to keep working here. That’s why I contacted with Euromate, whose representative had given a presentation at the Packaging and  allet Industry Association a few years ago.”

The Solution

"It is a tailor-made solution."

Boeve continues: “There are now four filters in our hall by the chipper and one in the hall by our band saw.” He chose the Dust Free Industrial 8500, a total solution that provides a (fine) dust reduction of up to 90 per cent and has a guaranteed capacity of 5,000 m³ per hour. Using innovative filter technology and smart engineering, clean air is always distributed in the room. In addition, the strategic deployment of this industrial air cleaner ensures substantial savings such as lower energy consumption due to optimal air circulation.

Boeve: “It is also a tailor-made solution. An expert from Euromate visited our sawing hall and calculated that we needed to place three units in the hall and one in the small sawmill. We decided to hang an extra unit there so that the dust is adequately extracted.” The capacity of the filter units is now more than sufficient, but Gert Boeve has news: “We are going to build an additional hall. There will be an additional 750 m². We definitely intend to hang units in there as well. This is no problem, the units are easy to install. The hall will be ready in May.

Visibly less dusty

Pleased with the solution

Boeve, meanwhile, is very pleased with Euromate’s solution. ”In winter there is less dust anyway, but even now we see results. Every Friday we clean here and there is much less dust blowing up than normal in this time of year.” This applies not only in his company. According to Boeve, in the pallet industry in particular, where there is a lot of dust, there is a lot of interest in this cleaning method. “With this, we can definitely distinguish ourselves. Large sawmills, of which there are not that many in the Netherlands, are simply a dusty environment and we have to do everything we can to reduce the amount of dust. We have an obligation to our people to do so.”

Dust Free Industrial 8500

Achieve favourable savings

  • Save up to 70% on cleaning costs
  • A healthy working environment with 40% less absence due to illness
  • 30% saving on energy consumption
  • Lower machine downtime with maintenance costs reduced by 30%
The Product

Dust Free Industrial (DFI) 8500

The Euromate Dust Free Industrial (DFI) 8500 has been developed specifically for production and industrial environment such as workplaces, retail business, construction markets, wholesalers, distribution centres and warehouses. This unique complete solution not only guarantees a dust-free working environment, but also ease of use and operation for many years to come.

  • A smart measurement and control system for consistent capacity, irrespective of whether the filter is empty or almost full
  • The device recognises the filter and automatically adjusts its configuration for optimal operation
  • Simple control with graphic touchscreen
  • A special LED indicator shows the status of the device
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