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Physiotherapy Westland

"To ensure a fresh and pleasant treatment room an air cleaner provides the perfect solution."
Mr. Elibert Hoogkamer, owner
Physiotherapy Westland

Introduction Physiotherapy Westland

Physiotherapy Westland in Naaldwijk and Physiotherapy Honselersdijk are practices with multiple therapists with different specializations. They stand for quick and effective physiotherapy. Many physiotherapists have to deal with poor indoor air quality in treatment rooms and exercise / fitness rooms. Often there are few opportunities for ventilation and if there are any, they have to be careful with cold or draft for the patient. Then there are often unpleasant odours like sweat, tobacco smoke, perfume and the scent of medical treatment material. Also viruses, bacteria and (fine) dust cause problems, especially for COPD patients. To ensure a fresh and pleasant treatment room an air cleaner provides the perfect solution. Unpleasant odours are removed as well as floating (fine) dust. Because of the recirculating filter principle, cooled or heated air is better distributed.

The Challenge

"Certain body odours, such as sweat, tobacco smoke or perfume, can be annoying"

Physiotherapy Westland has several employees and together they offer a wide range of specializations: Manual therapy, Sports Physiotherapy, Golf Physio Trainer and Therapist, Oedema therapy, breathing and relaxation therapy, ultrasound musculoskeletal physiotherapy at home, psychosomatic physiotherapy and mensendieck exercise therapy. The practice has about six treatment rooms available. One of the rooms has very limited ventilation.


In the summer it is warm and in the winter cold. Especially in such a situation certain body odours, such as sweat, tobacco smoke or perfume, can be annoying. Not only for the treating physiothe-therapist but also for the patients. Mr. Hoogkamer, owner, was looking for a solution that ensures a fresh and pleasant treatment room; a better workplace for him and his colleagues and a pleasant atmosphere for the patient.

VisionAir Air Cleaner
The Solution

"With the air cleaner I experience considerably fewer problems."

After the presentation of the advisor of Euromate, Mr. Hoogkamer’s interest in an air cleaner aroused immediately. The VisionAir1 CarbonMax on display offered the solution to the problems in his physiotherapy practice. The warm air (in winter) is circulated better so it is more pleasant in the treatment room. In summer, the same applies for cool air. The CarbonMax filter ensures that unpleasant odours and harmful gases are filtered from the air. In general a fresh and pleasant climate. Mr. Hoogkamer: “Yes, I certainly have patients who bring, for example through smoking, an unpleasant odour. Or think of a strong perfume or sweat odour. With the air cleaner I experience considerably fewer problems. Sometimes I set the air cleaner on a higher level before or after an appointment. The unpleasant odours disappear in no time.”


In addition to the VisionAir1 there is also a model VisionAir2 built-in available. You can combine the CarbonMax with MediaMax filter. An additional advantage is that (fine) dust is filtered from the air. That saves cleaning costs, but is also pleasant for COPD patients.

VisionAir Air Cleaner

Achieve favourable savings

  • Less absence due to illness
  • Saving on energy due to recirculation
The Product

Visionair Blue Line

The VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner from Euromate improves indoor air quality significantly. It provides a fresh, pleasant working environment and has a positive impact on productivity and sick leave. The air is recirculated, polluted indoor air is cleaned and clean air is blown back into the room. That way no valuable heated or cooled air is lost.

  • Effective extraction and filtration
  • Available with different filter packages
  • Filters dust, viruses, odours, smoke, etc
  • For rooms > 18 m3
  • Mounting options: wall, floor or ceiling
  • Low-noise and user friendly
  • Energy efficient


The modern design of the VisionAir Blue Line fits well in every interior. Moreover, the air cleaner produces little noise and is very user-friendly in operation. To spread an extra fresh scent throughout the room, the air cleaners can be equipped with Free Breeze scent cartridges.

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