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  • Air cleaning expert
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  • Over 49 years of experience

NOA Professional Education

"The air cleaners are a good solution to the dust problem in our practice area."
Bert Vingerhoets, project manager at NOA (South of the Netherlands)

NOA (South of the Netherlands)

NOA Opleidingsbedrijf Afbouw is a partnership of professional educators. Together, they inspire young people for a profession in the construction industry. At various levels and locations, they offer specialised vocational training with experts and personal guidance.

NOA has branches throughout the Netherlands from where their training is organised. Practical training courses, BBL vocational training courses and custom-made programmes for lateral entrants are offered. NOA Zuid-Nederland is located at the Nobellaan in Bergen op Zoom.


BOL & BBL students

Bert Vingerhoets has been involved with NOA Zuid-Nederland for six years, working as a project manager. Bert states: “In this practical area, young people are trained as plasterers at levels two and three. We have BOL and BBL students here. The BOL students get the basics of plastering, they all have their cabin in which they receive all kinds of training to master the job. Then we have the BBL students, who come one day a week and work the other four days at a training company to learn the job. We provide them with half a day of theory lessons and half a day of practical training. This is how we teach them the extra skills they need.”


The Challenge

A lot of dust

Bert continues: We work here a lot with cement and with gypsum products. If the students mix these up, a lot of dust is generated. On top of that, when a project or training course is completed, their cabin has to be demolished, which again creates a lot of dust. We noticed that if you walked around the practice room for a while, your throat would get affected. There was just too much dust hanging around. We could only open a window and that was not enough. We do want our students to work in a safe and healthy environment, which is why we were looking for a solution for the dust problem.”


The Solution

DFI air cleaners

Bert says: “I ended up with Euromate through a colleague in Rotterdam. Their practice space was temporarily closed due to poor air quality and they were very satisfied with the solution Euromate offered to reduce the dust.”

Bert continues: After talking to Euromate’s consultant, we chose to install two DFI air cleaners. A few days after the installation, we noticed that it was much cleaner and there was less dust. When I walk around the practice area, my throat doesn’t bother me anymore, you simply notice that the air is much cleaner.”

Bert: “It’s also easy to see it on my colleague’s laptop, which was getting white pretty quickly from the dust from the plaster here.
You can tell that his laptop lasts longer and he doesn’t have to clean it as often.”



Bert concludes, “We are in the process of moving internally to a different practice space within now and six months which is much larger and where we can do more. In preparation, we discussed with Euromate’s adviser that the units would have to move with us. This turned out not to be a problem because they hang by chains and can therefore easily be dismantled. It is arranged that the air cleaners will be hung in the new room after the move and can be reattached to the cables. They will then work again immediately and also have sufficient capacity to keep the air quality in the new room healthy.”

Achieve favourable savings

  • Save 70% on cleaning costs
  • A healthy working environment 40% less absence due to illnes
  • 20-40% savings on the energy consumption with the Eco+module
  • Lower machine downtime with maintenance costs reduced by 30%
The product

Dust Free Industrial (DFI) 8500

The Euromate Dust Free Industrial (DFI) 8500 has been developed specifically for production and industrial environment. This unique complete solution not only guarantees a dust-free working environment, but also ease of use and operation for many years to come.

DFI 8500

  • Smart measurement and control system for constant capacity, whether the filter is empty or nearly full
  • The device recognises the filter and automatically adjusts the configuration for optimal operation
  • Simple operation with graphic touch screen
  • A dedicated LED indicator shows the status of the device
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