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Klingele Paper & Packaging Germany

Since the air filters have been in use, air quality has improved significantly.
Axel Schwarz, Technical manager
Corrugated board factory Germany

Klingele Paper & Packaging

The Klingele Paper & Packaging Group, headquartered in Remshalden near Stuttgart, is one of the largest manufacturers of corrugated base paper and corrugated packaging in Germany and an internationally active supplier of paper, corrugated packaging solutions and adhesives.

The company was founded in 1920 and has been family-owned for three generations. At four locations in Germany, Klingele produces corrugated board packaging solutions in a wide variety of designs. These are mainly used as transport and sales packaging.

The corrugated board factory employs 225 people and produces around 160 million square metres of corrugated board every year.


The perfect wave

What drives the 225 employees at the plant?

“We have been creating new solutions in the corrugated board industry for more than 100 years. Our product range includes intelligent, efficient and high-quality corrugated packaging solutions, from simple transport packaging to eye-catching sales packaging and from special industrial packaging to effective displays,” explains Axel Schwarz, technical manager at Klingele.

The teams support customers not only as producers, but also as idea providers in the development and design of new corrugated packaging. The teams work closely with customers from the development phase onwards. Packaging and packaging concepts are developed based on the specific requirements. By taking a holistic view of the process, customers receive expert advice on brainstorming and design, supply chain optimisation, packaging machinery, packaging technology and much more.

What makes Klingele special?

“Our strong team of dedicated employees.”


"A lot of dust is produced"

Axel Schwarz stresses, “The Klingele Group consistently invests in new technologies, equipment and processes. This is why our plant is the first German location where Euromate products are used across the board to continuously improve working conditions for employees.”

Six Dust Free Industrial 8500 industrial air cleaners have been in operation since the end of 2022. How did this come about?

Axel Schwarz: “Cleaning the machine environment made it clear time and again how much dust is released when processing corrugated board. We are constantly working to improve our processes and working conditions. That’s why we conducted further research into improving indoor air. The experiences of our sister plant in the Netherlands made us aware of the product and its possible applications.”


"Our employees are very satisfied"

“Trial period” for the DFI

A consultant from Euromate visited the plant and offered to install a unit like the one in use at Klingele in the Netherlands for a month on a trial basis to gain experience.

“The opportunity to test the unit was a big advantage in the decision-making process,” says Axel Schwarz. “During the test, we immediately received very positive feedback from the staff. We were also surprised by the long service life of the built-in filters.”


"The results are excellent"

“The product just fits our circumstances perfectly,” Axel Schwarz explains the quick decision for six units. “The units work exactly as the test indicated. The results are excellent. Our employees are very satisfied with the performance of the units. Since the air filters have been in use, the air quality at employees’ workplaces has improved significantly.”

A final piece of advice from Axel Schwarz: “Any company dealing with elevated dust levels and/or wanting to improve air circulation in halls should take a look at the Euromate DFI!”

Dust Free Industrial 8500

Achieve favourable savings

  • Save up to 70% on cleaning costs
  • A healthy working environment with 40% less absence due to illness
  • 30% saving on energy consumption
  • Lower machine downtime with maintenance costs reduced by 30%

Dust Free Industrial (DFI) 8500

The Euromate Dust Free Industrial (DFI) 8500 has been developed specifically for production and industrial environment such as workplaces, retail business, construction markets, wholesalers, distribution centres and warehouses. This unique complete solution not only guarantees a dust-free working environment, but also ease of use and operation for many years to come.

  • A smart measurement and control system for consistent capacity, irrespective of whether the filter is empty or almost full
  • The device recognises the filter and automatically adjusts its configuration for optimal operation
  • Simple control with graphic touchscreen
  • A special LED indicator shows the status of the device
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