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Hill Street Blues

“We notice that no thick plumes of smoke are lingering anymore!"
Naomi Koeleman, Manager at Hill Street Blues

Hill Street Blues

Hill Street Blues is an iconic bar in the heart of Amsterdam, which has been around for over 20 years. During corona, it was closed for a few years. After its recent takeover, the bar is currently back in full operation.

Hill Street Blues is located in the Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam. The bar is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. With a grungy interior with artwork created by customers, an underground style, and an affordable menu, the bar and café are considered by many to be iconic places to enjoy the chill vibes the city has to offer.

Besides enjoying a drink, customers are also allowed to smoke weed on the premises, as this is no longer allowed on the streets. No soft drugs are sold, incidentally. At full occupancy, around 70 customers can use the facilities, spread over three floors

Ramzy Group

Family business

Hill Street Blues is part of the Ramzy group. This is a family-run business with a deep respect for ethical value creation. The foundations of the Ramzy group were laid in Amsterdam, a city built with the spirit of commerce, creativity, innovation, and tolerance.

It is a brand and company of uncompromising principles and values, in sync with the city they call home. The organization now has 30+ locations and 450+ employees.

“We are building a legacy of success for all stakeholders by linking capital with hospitality and real estate opportunities.” (Quote: Ramez Ramzy)


The Challenge


Manager Naomi Koeleman has been involved with Hill Street Blues since taking over about two years ago. From behind the bar, she serves the many customers and is the point of contact for the other staff members. A total of five staff work there, divided into several shifts.

The bar is open from morning to night and is particularly busy on weekends. As there is a lot of smoking by the customers, it was important to find a solution to maintain the air quality, especially for the employees.

The Solution

VisionAir Blue Line

Naomi states: “Through colleagues at our other location, down the street, we had heard about the professional air purifiers from Euromate. They were already using the devices to their satisfaction to reduce smoke and odours.

Naomi continues: “After the positive feedback from our colleagues, we contacted Euromate. An advisor visited us at a short notice. He recommended six double VisionAir Blue Line air purifiers which can be used in the various areas of our bar.”

The experiences

The difference

Naomi concludes: “Since the installation of the air purifiers, my colleagues and I certainly notice the difference. The smell of smoke lingers much less and the odours are also much less present. We are still in contact with Euromate to fine-tune the optimal service frequency so that the air quality always remains as optimal as possible. Contacts remain good and action is taken quickly when necessary. We are satisfied.”

Achieve favourable savings

  • Less absence due to illness
  • Saving on energy due to recirculation
Het product

VisionAir Blue Line

Euromate’s VisionAir Blue Line air purifier significantly improves indoor air quality. This ensures a fresh and pleasant working environment and
has a positive effect on productivity and absenteeism.


  • Effective extraction and filtration
  • Available with different filter packages
  • Filters dust, viruses, odours, smoke, etc
  • Mounting options: wall, floor or ceiling
  • Low-noise and user friendly
  • Energy efficient
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