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  • Air cleaning expert
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  • Over 49 years of experience

“It saves me so much time to clean and it is better for our health. It is worth the costs!"

“It saves me so much time to clean and it is better for our health. It is worth the costs!"
Mr. Dominic Vedder, owner of Discus Vedder
Discus Vedder

Introduction Discus Vedder

At Discus Vedder (Zoetermeer, NL) you can find everything for dogs, cats, fish tanks, rodents, rabbits and birds. The qualified employees provide clients with good advice. Air quality problems are common in pet stores. Rabbits, guinea pigs and birds cause a lot of dust by moving around in their cages. In addition there is also dust formation caused by the many packaging materials. Then there is also hinder of odour. The animals but also the contents of the cages in which they reside and the diversity of (food) products cause unpleasant odours.

The Challenge

"I have many problems with dust which gathers on our products."

Dominic Vedder, owner of Discus Vedder, started his store in March 2015. Customers can contact them for everything about dogs, cats, birds, fish tanks, rodents and rabbits.
The spacious assortment in combination with graduated employees who provide customers with good advice, makes Discus Vedder the pet shop of Zoetermeer.


When he took over the shop it already had an air cleaner which was not working properly. Mr. Vedder: “I had heard of Euromate before and so I contacted them. We had to do something; otherwise I was, so to speak, cleaning 24 hours a day. I have many problems with dust which gathers on our products, customers find that unpleasant.”

Quality Policy


Mr. Vedder is committed to quality and wants to set a good example. The animals have lots of living space, monthly a veterinarian visits the shop to check the animals’
health and at the same time customers can bring in pets for a health check. Mr. Vedder is certified to employ trainees which allows him to transfer the right knowledge.
Good air quality and a clean (work) environment for his employees, customers and himself fit in his quality policy.

VisionAir Air Cleaner
The Solution

"Air pollution is removed down to the smallest fractions."

The advisor of Euromate visited Mr. Vedder and he advised the VisionAir air cleaner. The electrostatic filter collects the fine dust and the CarbonMax neutralizes the odours of animals and various products. Mr. Vedder: “I was very pleased with the professional approach. The help in finding a suitable solution was great. The purchase price was a too large investment for me; therefore the rental concept was the best solution. It is worth the costs! There was always a thick layer of dust on the products, now that’s really gone. It saves me so much time to clean!”


The VisionAir air cleaner is available as a floor model on display or can be fitted on the wall. At Discus Vedder they chose a ceiling built-in model. With the maintenance contract Mr. Vedder doesn’t have to worry and the air cleaner works optimally. “Maintenance is properly announced, so I know when I can expect the service engineer. Euromate is a reliable supplier and that is important to me” concludes Mr. Vedder.

VisionAir Air Cleaner

Achieve favourable savings

  • Less absence due to illness
  • Saving on energy due to recirculation
The Product

Visionair Blue Line

The VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner from Euromate improves indoor air quality significantly. It provides a fresh, pleasant working environment and has a positive impact on productivity and sick leave. The air is recirculated, polluted indoor air is cleaned and clean air is blown back into the room. That way no valuable heated or cooled air is lost.

  • Effective extraction and filtration
  • Available with different filter packages
  • Filters dust, viruses, odours, smoke, etc
  • For rooms > 18 m3
  • Mounting options: wall, floor or ceiling
  • Low-noise and user friendly
  • Energy efficient


The modern design of the VisionAir Blue Line fits well in every interior. Moreover, the air cleaner produces little noise and is very user-friendly in operation. To spread an extra fresh scent throughout the room, the air cleaners can be equipped with Free Breeze scent cartridges.

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