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in a casino

A casino is a place where many gambling enthusiasts come together to try their luck. As a group, gamblers smoke more than the general population. This is likely due to the high level of tension and concentration during the casino games. So many patrons want to smoke a cigarette in a casino to relax. Sending the patron outside is not an option, for various reasons. First of all because it is not customer-friendly – in that case they will head over to a competitor – but also because the gambler wants to keep an eye on the game they are involved in. A smoking room close to the ‘games of chance’ is therefore a requirement. Transparency is also essential, so a smoking room made of glass is most preferable. If a casino is considering creation of a separate smoking room, there are two options. Either an existing room is converted into a smoking room, or a smoking cabin is installed because there is too little space available to create a smoking room.

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Which tobacco smoke solution is best for a casino?

Euromate has various solutions for providing a casino with a smoking room that complies with the tobacco smoke laws in the gambling world. Is there sufficient space available to create a smoking room? Then the choice goes to a constructionally separate smoking room. A Euromate air cleaner is placed in the smoking room that is capable of removing 100% of the tobacco smoke. This works on the basis of recirculation: the air is drawn in, filtered and the clean air is blown back into the casino. To guarantee the transparency of the games, it is advisable to make the smoking room partially transparent and/or to mount a sufficient number of cameras so the smoking patrons can continue to watch.

Completely transparent and removes 99.9% of tobacco smoke

A transparent smoking cabin in a casino is an effective choice because it is completely transparent and nearly 99.9% of the tobacco smoke is removed. It is also nice that multiple patrons can stand in it at the same time. A smoking cabin does not contain any other furniture (chairs and tables), so people leave again quickly after smoking. This is important for the casino, because turnover is generated and beverages are ordered outside the smoking cabin. In a smoking cabin the recirculation system removes tobacco smoke from the air and blows the filtered air back into the room.


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