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at an airport

An airport often has a large arrival hall. This is a public area, so smoking is not allowed. Smoking is only permitted in the specially provided smoking room. This applies to both passengers and staff. Travellers must often make a long journey and are therefore looking for an opportunity to relax with a cigarette. For travellers, a smoking room with transparent walls (glass) is important so they can keep an eye on the flight information signs. In addition, multiple travellers can use the cabin at the same time. The choice between a smoking cabin and a smoking room mainly comes down to the number of square metres that is available.

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Which tobacco smoke solution is best for at an airport?

There are various tobacco smoke solutions available for an airport. The most popular provisions in an airport environment are a separate smoking room or a smoking cabin.

When there is adequate floor space, the choice goes to a constructionally separate smoking room at the airport. A Euromate air cleaner is installed in the smoking room to remove the tobacco smoke. This works on the basis of recirculation: the air is drawn in, filtered and the clean air is blown back out. If there is a wish to provide the travellers with flight information, it is advisable that the entire smoking room be enclosed in glass.

smoking cabin at an airport is popular if there is no space for a separate smoking room. These cabins are completely transparent and filter up to 99.9% of the tobacco smoke. A smoking cabin offers space for several people to stand in it together, and there is no stench or odour nuisance. That is really nice, because travellers are often on their way to customers, and smelling of smoke is to be avoided. In a smoking cabin the recirculation system removes tobacco smoke from the air and blows the filtered air back into the same room.


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