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Euromate was founded in 1975 by Dick den Dekker, an entrepreneur who had a gramophone record factory where, among other things, the records of the British rock group Roxy Music were pressed. In order to improve the sound quality of the records, it was a great wish of Den Dekker to reduce the suspended matter in his company. After years of research and experimentation, including in the United States, he developed his own air cleaner. After acquisitions of companies in the United Kingdom and Sweden, among others, the company expanded under the new name Plymovent Den Dekker with air cleaners against tobacco and welding fumes.

New management in 2015

At the end of 2014, the business unit that focuses on tobacco smoke was bought by the current director Chris Westerveld – originally a mining engineer – an entrepreneur with several companies, including playground equipment, chemicals and metalworking. “It took a long to-do list and ditto transformation, especially to make the necessary development abroad. We also felt that the company had become too dependent on the (now declining) smoking market and shifted the focus to pollutants in the industry. Think of particulate matter, odors, gases, bacteria, viruses, greasy air and oil mist. ”

Expert and advisor for a healthy indoor climate

Westerveld continues: “We specialize in air cleaning in industrial environments such as woodworking, storage, logistics services and production. In addition, we focus on offices and workspaces such as hairdressers, dental practices and beauty salons. We not only have the solutions, but are the expert and source of information for a healthy indoor climate at companies. Dust problems are a real health risk for employees, with the effect of sick leave and dissatisfaction at work. Companies often have no idea that this is happening to them. ” To this end, additional measuring equipment has been purchased and customers receive extensive situation analyzes and measurements – also based on data comparisons within their own industry – to keep track of the indoor air and, if necessary, tackle it effectively.

When the corona broke out, Euromate knew that their existing device VisionAir Blue Line and newly developed Pure Air Shield 3300 could be used against the virus. Marketing manager Annelies de Jong: “We were reluctant to do this in the beginning because little was known about the virus. To be absolutely sure, we had TNO assess test results from a previous study by VTT Finland. This showed that the VisionAir Blue Line is very effective in tackling the presence of the virus. It captures more than 99 percent of the virus particles. In addition, we have had the Pure Air Shield tested and certified by SGS, which means that the PAS 3300 is proven to be effective and filters up to 99.995% of the pollution from the air. We can therefore claim that the VisionAir Blue Line and Pure Air Shield 3300 – in combination with the highly efficient HEPA filter – are the only tested and certified systems in the Netherlands that filter viruses and bacteria, including corona, from the air. ” There is great interest in the VisionAir Blue Line and Pure Air Shield 3300. “We do not only sell them in the Netherlands, but the demand is also increasing from many other countries. From France, Germany and Belgium, for example, where dental practices are legally obliged to provide good air cleaning, ”says De Jong.

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