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At the office there are always people who smoke. Approximately 25% of office workers smoke. Thus the employer faces the choice of whether or not to invest in an indoor solution. Ultimately there are more advantages to an indoor solution and smoking in the office is the best choice. Just consider the time required to walk to the designated outdoor location. In some buildings this is a five-minute walk. And making frequent trips outside (quickly, without a jacket) can entail an extra risk of becoming ill. Furthermore, having a group of people standing outside the door smoking is not particularly positive for the image. An indoor solution is the most image-friendly, low-cost solution (lower chance of absence due to illness + less time spent walking = greater productivity). Offices are subject to strict rules for ‘smoking at work’. The smoking room must be sealed, and the non-smoker must be well protected.

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Which tobacco smoke solution is best for an office?

There are various solutions available for an office. Office space is expensive, so the available space must be used wisely. If there is sufficient space, one chooses a smoking room. If not, a smoking cabin is the better choice.

An officially designated smoking room in the office is a constructionally separate smoking room with mechanical ventilation and a smoke extractor. An air cleaner is the most effective way to remove tobacco smoke. It filters the air and blows the clean air back in the room. It is energy-efficient, because the heated air remains in the building!

An employer often chooses a smoking cabin if there is little available space. A smoking cabin is a modular, easy to install system. It includes an air cleaning system that filters the air and then blows it back into the room. Multiple employees can fit inside at the same time. Another big advantage is that there is no furniture inside, which might otherwise make it inviting for the smoker to stay inside longer. It is specifically intended for having a quick smoke. Moreover, the system is so effective that there is no stench or odour nuisance. That is good news for the non-smoking co-workers.

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