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Years-end present: Pay it forward

‘Pay it forward’ means that the beneficiary of a good deed repays it to others instead of to the original benefactor. We believe in ‘pay it forward’ and donate the budgets, we usually spend on our years-end present, to good cause organisations.

We asked our Dutch clients to vote for one of the following three good cause organisations. 566 people participated. These are the results:

1. Nationaal Ouderenfonds (38.7%)

It might seem very unlikely in the Netherlands, but many older people have a very difficult time. Their health is declining, and sometimes they face this all on their own. In this country, there are 200,000 people who are extremely lonely. This means that they only get social contact once or less every four weeks. The Nationaal Ouderenfonds (National Old People’s Fund) is the only good cause that works exclusively for these older people.

2. Duchenne Heroes (35.9%)

The Duchenne Heroes put their efforts into a single big cause: improving things for children with the muscle disease Duchenne. This debilitating disease is currently incurable, but they are very close to finding a drug. Stitching Duchenne Parent Project funds research, and sponsorship money is needed for this. You can make a difference!

3. Longfonds (25.4%)

The Longfonds (Lung Fund – previously the Asthma Fund) wants to prevent lung disease and provide people with lung diseases with good care. Scientific research therefore forms the basis of its work. You can help bring these scientific dreams closer to reality.

We wish all our clients, relations and friends a wonderful Christmas and a successful new year.

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