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What is it that we do at our Research & Development department?

The process of designing and developing air cleaners takes place within Euromate’s Research & Development department. I am the engineering manager and I am in that role responsible for the development of air filters with the highest efficiency rate combined with low energy usage. We also think, test, and research new technologies.

Aside from cleaning the air efficiently, other aspects are important, too. These are, for example, the noise level of an air cleaner and the way it is controlled. Currently, some machines are connected to the internet (IoT; Internet of Things). This offers a number of advantages. The air cleaner can be controlled with a smartphone or it can communicate with other air cleaners in the same room. Another advantage is that air cleaners can communicate malfunctions or when the filter needs to be cleaned or changed. These aspects will surely be reviewed when designing a new air cleaner.

The next generation of Euromate’s air cleaners will be “smarter”. A number of sensors will (whether or not offered as an option) ensure that the air cleaner “knows” what to do and when. An example of this could be an air cleaner with different filters that can be activated depending on the amount of pollution in the air. I am thinking of a combination of a filtration unit that eliminates (dust)particles and one that filters certain smells.

Naturally, we also investigate other methods of cleaning the air. Cleaning the air does not always have to be done mechanically (with filters). There are multiple other methods. Further research will be geared towards practical application of these methods and how to incorporate those in a safe and efficient product.

People are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that cleaning the air is necessary. Pollutants originate from cooking meals, fine dust particles enter from the outdoors or are brought in by our pets. Pure air. You will notice, once it is there.

Joost Moelands
Engineering Manager Euromate

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