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‘Ventilation alone is not enough for a healthy workplace’.

Interview with our marketing manager Annelies de Jong in Clique Business Magazine on 26-6-2021

Slowly but surely, we are all starting to work more ‘on location’ instead of at home. Wherever you work, clean indoor air is important to everyone. What many people do not know is that a ventilation system is not always sufficient to clean the air of viruses, bacteria, particulates, odours and gases. An air cleaner does. Did you know that a good air cleaner removes 99.95% of all polluted particles from the air for the price of a cup of coffee a day?

Anyone who works in an office or production hall every day will recognise this. After a day indoors, you get a headache, a dry throat, a dry nose, dry eyes and you get a bit dull. Time for fresh air! A ventilation system seems to be a solution, but does not clean the air sufficiently’, says Annelies de Jong, marketing manager at Euromate. The Dutch Buildings Decree advises to ventilate the interior twice an hour, but that is no longer sufficient. The current advice is five times an hour.

Most ventilation systems cannot achieve this because they are not designed for it. Air cleaning can be a good addition to ventilation systems. This combination ensures a safe workplace. Moreover, it is a quick and easy solution: our certified systems are plug & play and mobile. You can start with the most important room, such as a meeting room, and adjust the device as needed. Adding an air cleaner is five times cheaper than adjusting a ventilation system.’

99.95% fewer polluted particles
What is the difference between ventilating and cleaning the air, you may ask. Ventilating is a process of blowing air from the inside to the outside and back again. De Jong: ‘You would think that the outside air that is blown into the room is clean. That is absolutely not the case. The air you breathe is always polluted by particulates, odours and gases. You often don’t realise that. Air cleaning is continuously purifying the air from a room with special filters. A Euromate air cleaner removes up to 99.95% of all kinds of polluted particles from the air. We use five-stage filters for this. The air first passes through a pre-filter and then through a HEPA filter, carbon filter, silver ion filter and a UV lamp. Very important is the special seal that we apply so that there is no ‘leakage air’. We guarantee that 100% of the air drawn in passes through the filter package. All our devices are tested by the research institutes VTT and SGS.

De Jong: ‘Did you know that a sick employee in the Netherlands costs the employer € 410 a day? Our Euromate systems are available for the price of a cup of coffee a day. Good air quality is important for the future of offices and therefore also feasible.’

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