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Tollpost Globe AS is busy dusting

Dust inhaled by employees and settling down on machinery causes health problems and damages machinery. A problem Tollpost Globe AS, a supplier of transport and logistic services, was very familiar with. However, our Norwegian distributor Euromiljø came to help and was able to reduce the dust in the air tremendously.

Founded in 1926, Tollpost Globe AS (Oslo, Norway) has a long history as a supplier of transport and logistic services. With a turnover of 2.4 billion NOK (approx. € 270 million), employing 970 people of which 700 drivers and handling 60.000 boxes per day, they are one of Norway’s leading suppliers of transport and logistics solutions and of cross-border parcel and pallet services to and from Norway.

The challenge

Airborne micro particles of dust produced by paper and cardboard boxes – but also rubber particles from transportation belts and truck wheels – are typically found at terminals, post handling centers, warehouses, paper recy­cling companies, and logistic centers such as at Tollpost Globe AS in Norway.

Dust (in particular by that from paper and cardboard boxes) inhaled by employees and settling down on machinery causes health problems and damages machinery. Dust settles on cameras, optical sensors, and computers causing increased maintenance and cleaning, which is very expensive. It is important to remove as much dust from the air as possible before it settles down or is inhaled.

Euromiljø concluded that the HFE industrial air cleaners of Euromate are perfect to solve this problem.

The solution

To collect as much dust as possible, four HFE-50 units were installed at the main logistic center of Tollpost at six meters height hanging two meters from the ceiling. This was a test installation for a period of four weeks.

After this period a heavy reduction of dust was noticed and hardly any maintenan­ce was needed. The filters were removed and weighed. The result was remarkable. Each filter collected 500 grams of dust (airborne and rubber micro particles). The outcome was so satisfying that Tollpost ordered 26 HFE units to be installed at their new terminal. The objective is to filter 26 kg dust per month. Every two months service and maintenance will take place. Mister Trond: “After installation, the problems we had were reduced heavily.”

Features of the HFE:

  • Huge reductions in malfunctioning and in the cost of maintenance of machinery, as airborne micro particles are being removed.
  • Reduction of dust and rubber particles, creating a pleasant and healthy work environment (no more annoying ‘black noses’).
  • Energy-saving; removing dust from the air by ventilation only leads to high cost of energy heating up fresh air conceived by ventilation units from outside replacing the polluted heated air inside. The HFE unit circulates the filtered, already heated air, leveling out the difference in temperature between floor and ceiling.
  • The reusable and cleanable electrostatic filters were preferred to disposable filters, because of an environmental point of view and cost awareness.

Please have a look at our HFE product page for more informationen about the HFE.

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