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The importance of clean indoor air in the office, especially in times of COVID-19!

Most holidays are over and now that it is almost September, many people have to go back to work. However, the corona crisis is still very topical. As a result, many will have to work from home and come to the office occasionally or in shifts, for example for meetings or because the position requires this.

More and more information is becoming available about studies regarding the spread of the virus. This indicates the essential importance of good indoor air. When you go back to the office, do you know what’s floating around in the air there? You may not be aware of it, but it is very important. For example, the air contains bacteria and fine particles that can make you sick. And now there is also the COVID-19 virus.

Risk of contamination in the workplace
Let’s consider for a moment: the workplace is a gathering place for people from different households. They may carry the coronavirus and others can subsequently be infected via aerosols. These tiny water droplets, mixed with small solid particles such as viruses, particulate matter or pollen, are already ejected while you are talking! A central climate system can also pick up these particles and distribute them in the building. Even if you are further than 1.5 meters from an infected person. Such a situation may have occurred at a care home in Maassluis, The Netherlands, where a corona outbreak occurred.

Other major sources of air pollution
An additional problem is that due to a central climate system, windows in buildings cannot or may not be opened. This ensures that air pollution lingers. In addition, offices are equipped with various machines, such as printers, that frequently emit fine dust. This also ends up in our lungs and can penetrate into the bloodstream, with all its consequences. It shortens life if one is often exposed to particulate matter.

A third problem is the recurrence of chronic complaints that people experience through the office. The Sick Building Syndrome, as it is called, is a persistent problem in many offices, where polluted indoor air is the cause.

Prevent health problems with good air quality
Do you recognize one or more problems? Then it is good to have the air quality of your office checked. It can prevent many health problems for you and your colleagues and make returning to the office more pleasant. An air cleaner from Euromate can be the solution. One of our advisers can help you with this. Do you want more information? Fill out the form below!

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