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Teaching with the windows open makes your money evaporate!

The advice is to properly ventilate classrooms to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection. Since the ventilation system in 80% of the schools in for example The Netherlands and Belgium is not in order, this means in practice that windows and doors are opened. With the temperatures outside, a lot of cold comes in the classroom, but also other types of air pollution such as fine dust, soot particles and pollen.

Children are asked to bring extra jumpers or blankets to school to protect themselves from these conditions. For teachers and studants, this situation is far from ideal. With rising energy prices, schools are seeing their energy bills rise sharply due to the loss of heat. Even with the necessary adjustments, schools often cannot get the temperature above 15°C.

In order to find out exactly what the costs for a school are, we had a study carried out. This study showed the following:

If you want to keep it at an average of 15°C in a classroom for one day, that costs 6.6 m3 of gas. Knowing that gas prices in January 2022 will average € 2.12 per m3, that is a cost of € 13.99 per day, per classroom!

By adding an air cleaner to the classroom, the windows can remain closed for the most part. The air is cleaned by this device and blown out clean again without loss of heat. As a result, the temperature in the classroom is better maintained and there is no need for extra heating.

An air cleaner not only minimises contamination in the classroom, it also removes pollution such as fine dust and pollen from the air. The air quality in the classroom is improved in several ways, reducing absence due to illness, people feel more energetic in the classroom and lessons can continue. A win-win situation for the school, teachers, students and parents!

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