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Tackling industrial dust; a dust reduction of almost 80%!

The air in industrial buildings is subject to various sources of pollution. Negative effects can be substantial. Some examples are damage to products, contamination of surfaces, health problems among personnel and machine failures are some examples. To prevent (economic) losses measures are needed.

Sectors which are mainly active in logistics, food manufacturing, production, wholesale, retail and waste processing have to deal with a large working area and are exposed to a variety of sources of pollution. In addition warehouse racking is common for these sites, which require height. This leads to large volumes of air that need to be filtered. This also applies to the organization Competec in Switzerland.

Dirty boxes, equipment failure and high cleaning costs at Competec!
Competec has a huge warehouse with about 80.000 products from over a 1.000 manufac­turers in stock. Due to all the activities carried out in this logistic center, they experienced a lot of complaints where it comes to dust. Airborne (micro) particles of dust are produ­ced by, among others, cardboard boxes and rubber particles from transportation belts and truck wheels. Competec gives a great deal about the health of their employees, a healthy work environment is one of the conditions which they wish to offer their employees.

Besides the health aspect a lot of dust settles on pro­ducts and machinery. Customers don’t want to receive dirty packages and all together this raises the cleaning costs. Another topic was the malfunctioning of machinery due to high concentrations of dust.

Significant improvements to the staff and infrastructure at Competec thanks to the HF air cleaner
After a thorough process in which air and dust concentration measurements were made, the advice for Competec was installing 7 HF air cleaners. Mr. René Fellmann (CEO of Competec Logistik): “We were impressed with the performance of the Euromate solution. We were able to reduce the dust level up to 80% . The health of employees is an important factor. We are happy with this solution because it is in line with our philosophy.”

Deal with precipitation dust and other contaminants?
Start with an air measurement and see the result!

Would you like to deal with precipitating dust and other contaminants? Based on some questions, the inventory of the production hall and an air measurement, the consultant will determine which solution is right for you. No obligations of course! This professional air measurement gives a good impression of air pollution.

Read more on the product page HF air cleaners how to filter dust particles from the air effectively and efficiently.

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