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Spotlight: Everything about aerosols!

Search for your information about aerosols and the solution: a VisionAir Blue Line MicrobeFree Global!

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What are aerosols?

An aerosol is a colloidal mixture of all kinds of solid, liquid and gas particles. Their size is from 0.12 to 200 micrometers. Examples of aerosols are very diverse. Think of soot from cars, clouds and fog, smoke, microscopic droplets of water and mucus from breathing, speaking, sweating, sneezing, coughing, coughing and so on. Aerosols are proven carriers of germs. This relationship has already been demonstrated in 1930 by Harvard researcher William Wells.

How do aerosols relate to the COVID-19 virus?

Aerosols are also known as ‘virus carriers’. This is also the case with the COVID-19 virus. Various studies have shown that transmission through these tiny droplets is possible. It is also a well-known phenomenon that the concentration of aerosols (and thereby also pathogenic viruses) increases in a closed space. Adequate air purification is a good solution, a proven method and a way to clean the polluted indoor air.

What do the media write about aerosols? explains in a clear video (Dutch) what aerosols are and what they are supposed to do with the COVID-19 virus.

239 scientists and experts write a letter to WHO in which they convincingly explain that aerosols are a transmission route.

Data Scientist Maurice de Hond (Dutch) explains in clear language how you are infected by aerosols and what you can do about it.

What do experts say about aerosols?

Virologist Christian Drosten (adviser to Chancellor Merkel): “Aerosols play a dominant role in the spread of the COVID-19 virus”.

Detlef Lohse, professor of physics of liquids at the University of Twente: “Aerosols can reach very far, even without the push of the fan or air conditioning!”

TU Delft professor of indoor environment Philo Bluyssen: “The concentration of viruses then builds up and they will eventually end up in someone.”

Erwin Duizer, RIVM virologist: “Exposure to virus via aerosols is possible”.

Ab Osterhaus, well known virologist in the Netherlands: “Take into account the spread by aerosols”.

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An easy solution!

Viruses like COVID-19 cannot spread. For this they need a carrier such as an aerosol. Recent independent research by Finnish VTT and concluded by Dutch TNO has shown that the VisionAir Blue Line MicrobeFree cleans the COVID-19 virus with high efficiency!

About VisionAir Blue Line:

The VisionAir Blue Line tackles harmful air pollution in medium to large locations. Thanks to the unique filter combinations, it is versatile. This air purifier is suitable for ceiling and wall installation, or you can choose a mobile stand. The new generation of air purifiers filters pollution from every indoor air. Optimal comfort and ease of operation.

No longer expose yourself, your employees and your guests to polluting dust particles, aerosols, bacteria, viruses (including the COVID-19 virus), allergens and odors that float invisibly. Take your responsibility and ensure good, healthy air quality. With VisionAir Blue Line you can effectively tackle any indoor air problem. Depending on the space and the specific contamination, the VisionAir Blue Line offers a perfect custom plug & play solution.

With the new generation of air purifiers you have more advantages than just the effective approach against indoor air pollution:

  • Provides a fresh and pleasant working environment.
  • Contributes to better health.
  • Has a positive effect on productivity and absenteeism.
  • Provides less headache complaints, concentration problems, fatigue and throat and nose complaints.

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