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The solution where smokers and non-smokers can work together perfectly

  • Odorless ashtray; no residual smoke and odors.
  • A suitable solution for a smoke-free environment.
  • A smoking cabin can be used by several people at the same time and takes up little floor space.
  • The effective air cleaner filters tobacco smoke and blows clean air into the room.

In a pub/bar people come together to drink and socialise. For many visitors the experience wouldn’t be complete without a cigarette. Sending the visitor outside is not an option. It is not only unfriendly towards the customer but also gives them the opportunity to head over to a competitor’s establishment. In recent years, laws regulating the hospitality industry have become stricter, and smoking in a café is now only permitted in a designated, separate smoking room. However, no drinks may be served in this room. If a café owner opts for a smoking room, it is important to look carefully at the available space as well as the overall monitoring and safety. A smoking room that can be monitored completely (through a camera or windows, for example) is preferable for safety reasons. Attention must be paid to the interests of the non-smoker too. He or she may not experience any inconvenience from tobacco smoke or odour hanging in the air of the smoking room that could ‘leak’ out. Therefore it must be sealed effectively and be equipped with adequate smoke extraction.

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Companies with clean indoor air

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“What I notice most about the fact that we now work in a smoke-free environment is how much cleaner my clothes are.”
Owner of Café Honky Tonk

“This is the solution so that staff and visitors can smoke a cigarette quickly and easily, while non-smokers are protected against passive smoke and nasty smells”
Owner of Bowl’s Bowlingcentrum

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If a cafe owner chooses a smoking room, it is important to look closely at the available space and also at the overall supervision and safety. A smoking room in which there is full supervision (for example through a camera or windows) is preferred for safety reasons. Attention must also be paid to the non-smoker. They must not be bothered by the tobacco smoke or odor which is present in the smoking room and could “leak” outside. That is why it must be properly sealed and contain sufficient smoke extraction. Euromate has various solutions for a café to create a smoking room that is 100% compliant with the most recent tobacco smoke regulations. The first step is to look at the space available in the café.


Creation of a smoking room is an option if there is plenty of space available (link to smoking room). In that case, smoke extraction must be integrated into the smoking room. Often the decision is taken to install an air purifier, because these can effectively remove the tobacco smoke with recirculation (i.e. no exhaust pipes and ductwork to the outside). An air cleaner is also easy in terms of installation (no drilling and channelling work) and certainly to move from one place to another. In terms of safety, it is advisable to make the smoking room completely transparent and/or to install sufficient camera surveillance.


A smoking cabin in a café could be a good solution, particularly if the available space in the café is rather limited (as is usually the case). Smoking cabins are large enough for multiple patrons to stand inside, are vandalism-proof and are an inviting option for patrons to go for a quick yet pleasant smoke. ‘Quick’ is a big benefit, because no turnover is generated inside the cabin. The standard smoking cabin is transparent, so you can always monitor what happens inside.

In terms of installation, the smoking cabin is fairly easy to set up and is plug-and-play. There is also no need to connect exhaust pipes or ducts to the cabin to carry away the tobacco smoke. The recirculation system filters tobacco smoke out of the air and blows the clean air back into the café – without the odours or nuisance of the tobacco smoke.