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in an production area

Statistics show that a greater percentage of production employees smoke than those in other departments. Production staff work with machines, on production lines, and the team is often under pressure to attain productivity targets. If one of the employees in the production area wants to smoke, it is advisable to create the smoking room as close as possible to the workplace. That saves time. Moreover, consideration must be given to the non-smokers. They must not be subjected to the tobacco odour or tobacco smoke from the smoking room, so it must be well sealed and have adequate smoke extraction.

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Which tobacco smoke solution is best for a production hall?

Many solutions are conceivable for a production hall. The first consideration is the available floor space. If there is enough in the production hall, a separate smoking room can be created. That smoking room must include smoke extraction. The simplest way to achieve this is with an air cleaner, which is plug-and-play and thoroughly removes the tobacco smoke with recirculation of the air and requires no drilling and channelling. There is no need for pipes or ductwork.

smoking cabin in the production hall is the perfect solution if there is no space for a separate smoking room. These cabins are just large enough for multiple people to stand inside, for a quick yet pleasant smoke. They are designed for quick installation and are plug-and-play. Moreover, there is no need to connect pipes or ducts to carry away the polluted air. This is because the system recirculates the air.

The main difference between a smoking room and a smoking cabin is that you cannot sit in a smoking cabin (leaning or resting is possible). This prevents people from spending too much time hanging around in the smoking cabin. A smoking room does have furnishings to sit on, so people tend to stay there longer.

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