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in the logistics sector

A greater percentage of logistics employees smoke than those in other departments. In a logistics department you will find not just the company’s own employees but also a constant coming and going of drivers from other companies who are there for pick-ups or deliveries. Particularly after a long drive, they feel the need for a cigarette. It is not presentable or good for the image to have them standing outside.

If one of the employees wants to smoke, it is advisable to create the smoking room as close to the entrance of the logistics hall as possible. That saves time. Moreover, consideration must be given to the non-smokers within the company and non-smoking drivers. They must not be affected by the tobacco odour or tobacco smoke present in the smoking room. Therefore it must be sealed effectively and equipped with adequate smoke extraction.

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Which tobacco smoke solution is best for a logistics hall?

There are all sorts of solutions available for a logistics hall. However, the choice depends largely on the amount of space that is available. If there is enough, a separate smoking room can be created. In that case, smoke extraction must be integrated in the design. The simplest solution is to install an air cleaner in the room, because it is plug-and-play and removes the tobacco smoke very thoroughly through recirculation. Moreover, no drilling and channelling work is necessary, because there is no need to install pipes or ducts in the smoking room.

smoking cabin in a logistics hall could be a good solution, particularly if the available space is rather limited. The smoking cabins are large enough for multiple people to stand inside, for a quick yet pleasant smoke. They are designed for quick installation and are plug-and-play, which means they can also be moved elsewhere. Furthermore, there is no need to connect pipes or ducts to carry away the polluted air. The recirculation system filters tobacco smoke out of the air and blows the clean air back into the logistics hall. without the odours or nuisance of the tobacco smoke.

The choice for a smoking room or a smoking cabin depends not only on the available space but also the length of the smoking breaks. A smoking room often contains seats, so the smoker generally spends a bit more time smoking. In a smoking cabin there is nowhere to sit (leaning or resting is possible), so the smoking breaks are much shorter.


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