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in an events hall

During a big party, event or trade fair there are lots of visitors in an events hall. The goal is for them to stay inside as long as possible and come into contact with potential customers. During a big party it is also important that the visitors remain inside in connection with the sale of refreshments. All in all, the focus is on providing visitors with everything they need so they do not need to go outside to smoke. Smoking in de events hall is a sensible choice. Smoking visitors outside the door does not create a welcoming entrance and can be a nuisance there.

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Which tobacco smoke solution is best for an events hall?

In an events hall it is important that people have the option to smoke, but the smoking room should not be too attractive a place to stay. After all, no turnover is generated there. It is recommended that no chairs be placed in a smoking room, to prevent visitors from staying there too long.

In general, two kinds of solutions are available for an events hall. Which is chosen depends on the available floor space. Creation of a smoking room is the obvious choice if there is plenty of space (link to smoking room). A smoke extractor is integrated into this solution. The most effective choice in this situation is an air cleaner. These are plug-and-play solutions that effectively eliminate the tobacco smoke by means of recirculation. Moreover, no drilling and channelling work is necessary, because there are no pipes or ducts to install in the smoking room. An air cleaner can be quickly installed, and its mobile, stand-alone construction means it can always be moved to another location.

If space is limited, it is better to opt for a smoking cabin in an events hall. The smoking cabins are large enough for multiple people to stand inside, for a quick yet pleasant smoke. The smoking cabins can be placed anywhere, because they are plug-and-play and require no extraction duct to the outside. In a smoking cabin the filter principle is also based on recirculation.  The recirculation system filters tobacco smoke out of the air and blows the clean air back, without odours and nuisance from the tobacco smoke.

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