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in a discotheque

In a discotheque many visitors come together to drink and socialise. For many discotheque visitors the experience wouldn’t be complete without a cigarette. Sending the visitor outside is not an option because it is not only unfriendly towards the customer but also gives them the opportunity to head over to a competitor’s establishment. In recent years, laws regulating the hospitality industry, which includes discotheques, have become stricter. At the moment, smoking is only allowed in a designated smoking room. The big difference to the past is that only smoking is allowed in a smoking room. Drinks may not be served there.

If a discotheque owner chooses to create a separate smoking room, it is important to analyse the available space and what requirements he has for safety and monitoring of the area. A smoking room that can be monitored completely (through a camera or windows) is preferable for safety reasons. Attention must also be paid to the interests of the non-smoker. He or she may not experience any inconvenience from tobacco smoke or odour hanging in the air of the smoking room that could ‘escape’. Therefore the smoking room must be well sealed and contain adequate smoke extraction.


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Which tobacco smoke solution is best for a discotheque?

Euromate has various solutions for providing a discotheque with a smoking room that complies with the most recent tobacco smoke laws applicable to the hospitality industry. There are basically two choices: smoking room or smoking cabin. The choice depends of the space available in the discotheque.

Is there sufficient floor space? Then the choice goes to a constructionally separate smoking room. The smoking room must then be fitted with a smoke extractor that is up to the job. A Euromate air cleaner is capable of removing up to 99.9% of the tobacco smoke. This works on the basis of recirculation: the air is drawn in, filtered and the clean air is blown back into the discotheque. To ensure safety, it is advisable to make the smoking room partially transparent and/or to install sufficient camera surveillance.

A smoking cabin in a discotheque is a good solution because it is completely transparent and nearly 99.9% of the tobacco smoke is removed. It is also nice that multiple patrons can stand in it at the same time. Because there are no chairs in a smoking cabin, the visitors are ‘subconsciously’ encouraged to leave the smoking cabin again as soon as they have finished their cigarette. The smoking cabin is also vandalism-proof, which is important in a discotheque where the visitors occasionally exhibit aggressive behaviour. A smoking cabin can also be installed fairly quickly. It is modularly constructed and includes no exhaust pipes/ductwork. The polluted air in the smoking cabin is simply cleaned and blown back into the room.

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