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Many sports clubs have a canteen. The law is strict and requires that smokers smoke in a separate space. Moreover, the non-smoker may not be affected by the tobacco smoke from the smoking room. Sending the club members outside is not an option because that is negative for the image and also because it is important they stay inside to generate extra sales. Therefore smoking in a canteen is often allowed. In a smoking room, however, no drinks may be served. If a canteen operator opts for a smoking room, it is important to look carefully at the available space as well as the overall monitoring and safety. A smoking room that can be monitored through a window or camera is preferable for safety reasons. It is also important to ensure that the non-smoker is not affected in any way by tobacco smoke or odour from the smoking room.

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Which tobacco smoke solution is best for a canteen?

Euromate has various solutions for a canteen to create a smoking room that complies with the legal regulations. Creation of a constructionally separate smoking room is an option if there is sufficient space. In practice, however, this is rarely the case in canteens.

If the decision is taken to create a separate smoking room, a smoke extraction system will have to be purchased that effectively removes the tobacco smoke from the air. Euromate has air cleaners that fully comply with the legal regulations and filter the tobacco smoke and blow clean air back into the room. This results in no nuisance for the non-smoker whatsoever. Installing an air cleaner takes less than a half hour! After all, an air cleaner is plug-and-play, requires no drilling and channelling work and is installed without exhaust ducts. Safety is also important, and therefore it is advisable to make the smoking room completely transparent and/or to install sufficient camera surveillance.

Canteen owners generally choose to install a smoking cabin because the available floor space in a canteen is often very limited. A smoking cabin is intended for multiple people, completely transparent (glass), vandalism-proof and filters the air in the smoking cabin without the dirty tobacco smoke escaping outside. A smoking cabin can be installed quickly because there is no need to connect any exhaust pipes or ductwork to it.

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