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Tobacco smoke

Smoking rooms can be the solution if a company or organisation opts for a smoking policy in which smoking is permitted. An important aspect is the extraction system in the smoking room. When some people smoke it is important that there is as little nuisance as possible for the non-smoker (smoke and odour) and that fresh air (ventilation) is provided. The following aspects are important to consider when deciding what type of extraction to use in the smoking room:

  • negative pressure in the smoking room
  • capacity of the central ventilation system
  • additional ventilation
  • opening direction of the doors
  • whether or not there are door closers
  • presence of other smoking solutions, such as smoke-free ashtrays and smoking tables
  • whether or not there are voids above the ceiling
  • type of floor
  • Euromate has years of experience designing and providing recommendations for extraction in smoking rooms.

Air cleaner cleans smoky air

The air cleaner of the type VisionAir ElectroMax was designed by Euromate specially for the removal of smoky air. The air cleaner filters the smoky air in three successive stages. First the large tobacco particles are captured in the pre-filter. Then the electrostatic filter removes the smaller tobacco smoke particles, down to 0.01 micron (=0.00001 mm!). The final filter (made of carbon) is designed to capture the unpleasant odours.

Smoking cabin cleans tobacco smoke

A smoking cabin cleans tobacco smoke and can provide a solution for meeting the tobacco regulations for a smoke-free workplace, which explain that every employee has the right to a smoke-free workplace. With the Euromate Smoke ’n Go smoking cabin, staff can take a quick smoking break and then get straight back to work; that is the idea behind the smoking cabin. The free-standing, modular smoking cabins can be installed anywhere. The smoking cabin removes tobacco smoke, unpleasant odours, gases and tobacco odour. Those who want a quick smoking break do not have to go outside. They can stay inside, near their workplace. The smoking cabins can be placed at strategic locations, saving space and time. This also reduces the costs per smoker.

Removing the smell of smoke

To remove tobacco smoke from the smoking room, in addition to a central ventilation system an air cleaner is also necessary. To achieve good results, choosing the right type of air cleaner is very important (consider filter type, capacity, consumption). If it does not function optimally in the smoking room, a foul tobacco odour hangs in the air. The smoky air not only contains the smell of tobacco but also nicotine. If it remains in the smoking room too long, it penetrates the walls, floor and ceiling, which leads to discolouration and stench. A good air cleaner will remove the smoky air straight away. This prevents the room from absorbing the smell of smoke and surfaces from becoming discoloured.