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Renewed smoking policy creates more sales at Holland Casino

For the first time in eight years could our customer Holland Casino increase sales. New slot machines and larger smoking smoking attracted more gamblers to the casinos last year. Eventually sales increased by 3 percent.

The casino has invested in new smoking rooms with slot machines. For a long time the company lost customers because of the smoking ban. Now that there are smoking areas in which customers can gamble, a large part of the customers returns.

In some smoking areas guests can find dozens of machines. Partly because of this, Holland Casino made more profit. On balance 12 million were left over. In 2013, there was still more than 22 million in losses.

A new direction

Last year, Holland Casino announced a new course. The company started focussing on regular customers. Starting this year, the company will organize live bingo at casinos in order to attract even more customers.

Learn more about the Holland Casino?

During 364 days per year, the employees of the Holland Casino welcome their guests in one of the fourteen casinos in Netherlands. The Holland Casino is an institution of the government. The Ministry of Finance is the shareholder and the Ministry of Security and Justice is the licensing authority responsible for the regulation of gambling.

The original article was published in Dutch on March 5, 2015 NOS, Rokende gokker-levert Holland Casino winst op.

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