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KAFFEEMANUM: Coffee roasting company in the city center where a hobby became a profession. A few years ago, Volker Behrendt began roasting coffee for his own private consumption. At the end of 2016, he finally established his own coffee roasting house in the southern outskirts of Berlin (Tetlow). At the heart of his business are what Volker Behrendt calls the ‘black pearls’. “We focus on coffee lovers, people who take the time for enjoyment. KAFFEEMANUM is a small roasting house specializing in the roasting of a selection of coffees. In addition to the fine coffee specialties we also give seminars on the topic of coffee. During the seminar of two hours, my customers learn more about the coffee – where it comes from, how it is roasted, prepared and drunk.”


At KAFFEEMANUM, the coffee beans are carefully roasted manually in a 720 kilogramme gas-operated drum roaster at a temperature of between 200°C and 250°C. It’s a gentle, traditional process that helps to guarantee the best aroma. “The roasting process produces waste gases in the form of hot vapours, oils, coarse dust and fine dust that are conveyed outside into a residential area via exhaust air pipes and the chimney.”


Operational safety is the uppermost priority at KAFFEEMANUM. It was clear from the beginning that the roasting house was going to be equipped with an SFE industrial air cleaning system from Euromate. The entire system was carefully planned with Euromate before receiving technical approval from the chimney sweeper. Mechanical pre-filters clean the hot exhaust air of coarse particles. Inside the SFE-25, fine dust and oils are then filtered electrostatically. This helps to prevent the exhaust air pipes and chimney from becoming clogged with dust and oil. In addition, maintenance of the SFE-25 is quick and easy to carry out.

This solution has helped KAFFEEMANUM to:
• Comply with the official requirements
• Achieve efficient exhaust air cleaning and lower soiling of its pipes
• Reduce chimney sweeping costs
• Contribute to environmental protection
• Remain on good terms with its neighbours


Products: 1x SFE-25
Maintenance: 4 times a year.

“All in all, Euromate provides friendly, professional, all-round advice in conjunction with a coherent solution that gives me both a good level of safety and a clear conscience when it comes to the environment.”

“It’s the perfect overall package for my roasting house.”

Mr. Volker Behrendt, owner


All coffee roasting processes release oils, dust and odours. Due to dust particles and odour an extraction system with integrated filtration is a must-have. Euromate offers filter systems for a wide range of exhaust air challenges. At the heart of the SFE is an electrostatic filter which adsorbs the smallest of grease and soot particles, as well as fine dust. The SFC is a stationary filter unit for duct installation that provides effective odour and gas filtration thanks to activated carbon filter cartridges with bayonet fittings.

Features of the SF series:
• Eliminates grease deposits
• Minimises the risk of fire
• Reduces maintenance costs
• Minimises environmental impact
• Reduces the effects of odours

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