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Röttger Dental Technology (Dental Technical Laboratory) specializes in making crowns, bridges and dentures. In a dental laboratory they work a lot with plastic, plaster and monomer. This makes the indoor air continuously polluted by fine dust and fumes, which is unhealthy for both staff and patients. It can cause respiratory problems, lung problems and allergic reactions.


Peter Röttger started his own DTL in 1988. Together with his colleague Roberto Saridjan they are part of a dental group practice. Patients can visit them on their own initiative or they receive customers through one of the 18 dentists they work with in Diemen and surroundings. Röttger Dental Technology was looking for a fresh, cool, healthier environment and a solution that could remove unpleasant odours. The advice was to install a VisionAir air cleaner. They, however, didn’t want to worry about maintenance and the air cleaner should be placed in an efficient spot above the work tables.Mr. Peter Röttger: “While working the air cleaner is always turned on, and it shows. When necessary, we can turn the device with the remote control higher or lower. In the past, we also received complaints about the smell, that’s no longer the case since we have the air cleaner. During the weekend, we often leave the air cleaner on. When we come into work on Monday, the space is fresh and you notice that there is no airborne dust present. The service visits are always announced by email. When replacing the filter, I just see how much dirt is removed from the air. This could have come into our lungs. The benefit of an air purifier is now proven to me.”


Peter Röttger was looking for an effective air purifier that would improve the quality of the indoor air. Initially he wanted to remove odours and collect as many fine particles as possible. The selected ElectroMax filter removes even the smallest particles (from 0.01 micron). As the space is limited, it gets stuffy quickly. Therefore, they have also chosen an air conditioner. Thanks to the air cleaner, the air that needs to be cooled is much cleaner which benefits the lifetime of the filter. In addition, the efficiency of the air conditioner is higher because the cold air is better distributedthrough the space. To make sure the air cleaner works optimal, Röttger Dental Technology signed a service contract, so they don’t have to worry about anything anymore.


Products: 1x VisionAir1 ElectroMax with FreeBreeze scent cartridges
Maintenance: 6 times per year

“During the service visit the filters are replaced, only then I realize how much dirt is removed from the air!”

“ When we come into work on Monday, the space is fresh and you notice that there is no airborne dust present ”

Mr. Peter Röttger, dental technician and owner


Euromate’s VisionAir air cleaner improves the indoor air quality significantly. In addition, the air is recirculated. Polluted indoor air is purified and clean air is pumped back into the room. This means that no valuable heated or cooled air is lost.

Features of the VisionAir:
• Clean and healthy work environment for employees and customers
• Easy to install, without too much hacking and breaking, integrated into the ceiling
• Low noise
• User friendly and remotely controlled
• Energy efficient
• More efficiency from air conditioner
• An air cleaner is complementary to existing air treatment such as mechanical ventilation or air- conditioning

Thanks to its stylish design, the VisionAir fits in any interior. In addition, the air cleaner has a low noise level and is very user-friendly. As standard the air cleaners of Euromate are equipped with FreeBreeze cups, which add an aromatic freshness to the room.

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