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Madelief is a small Utrecht-based crèche that offers somewhere for children, aged 0 to 4, to be looked after during the day. After many years of working as a group leader at an institute for people with multiple disabilities, the deaf and children with speaking difficulties, Astrid de Jong decided to open her crèche. That was in 1997 and she called it Madelief. She searched for premises for the crèche, which she found at the former base of Thuiszorg Utrecht. After renovation and redecorating, the doors of Madelief were officially opened on 27 September 1997. In the early days, the team consisted of Astrid and two enthusiastic volunteers. Today, the crèche looks after an average of 65 babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers every week. A team of professional educational staff is responsible for quality, and it’s they who make the crèche what it is – a safe, welcoming environment where children feel safe, comfortable and respected.


Madelief’s aim is to provide a safe environment for children, and safety and hygiene are paramount. The crèche leaders are well trained in those areas that need the greatest attention. In addition, the regulations for childcare laid down by the local authority as well as the general order in council of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport set out clear rules relating to safety and hygiene at Madelief. Government regulations that came into force on 1 April 2017 also tightened the rules governing air quality and ventilation. Astrid de Jong explains, ‘We did not have anything in place to clean the air. We do use carbon dioxide meters and we open the windows regularly to keep the meters in the green. Obviously, dirty nappies and other smells in the rooms cause us some problems.’


‘We were approached by staff at Euromate at just the right time. Of course, we were aware of the pending changes, hence why advisor Gerard Boomer paid us a visit,’ explains Astrid. ‘Everything was pretty clear and the decision to invest in a healthy living and working environment for the children and our staff was a no-brainer.’ Madelief crèche opted to purchase four VisionAir air cleaners, all with a CarbonMax filter. Astrid continues, ‘We use the air cleaners a lot. At the beginning, it took us a little time to get used to the noise, certainly when they were on full. But our colleagues think they are excellent! They are on all the time in all groups and after a nappy change, we turn them on full to get rid of the horrible smells. Often things are made compulsory that our colleagues need some convincing of, but we didn’t need to do that here!’ Astrid de Jong also took out a maintenance contract so that the air cleaners are always in a flawless condition to keep the air clean. In principle, a fixed period is always agreed, but there is some flexibility here too, which Astrid sees as a great advantage.


Products: 4 x VisionAir2 CarbonMax.
Maintenance: 4 times a year.

“Our colleagues think that the air cleaners are excellent!”

“Often things are made compulsory that our colleagues need some convincing of, but we didn’t need to do that here!”

Astrid de Jong, owner of Madelief crèche


The VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner from Euromate improves indoor air quality significantly. It provides a fresh, pleasant working environment and has a positive impact on productivity and sick leave. The air is recirculated, polluted indoor air is cleaned and clean air is blown back into the room. That way no valuable heated or cooled air is lost.

Features of the VisionAir Blue Line
• Effective extraction and filtration
• Large range
• Fixing options: wall, floor or ceiling
• Low-noise
• User friendly
• Energy efficient

The modern design of the VisionAir Blue Line fits well in every interior. Moreover, the air cleaner produces little noise and is very user-friendly in operation. To spread an extra fresh scent throughout the room, the air cleaners can be equipped with FreeBreeze scent cartridges.

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