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At Day Nursery Belle Fleur every day is about playing and learning together in an enjoyable setting. A child must have the opportunity to develop at his or her own pace in a playful way. Day Nursery Belle Fleur has ten locations, offering before and after school care, crèche services and the Preschool Palace as preparation for primary school. They all have a small-scale feel and the atmosphere is bright, open and airy. Creative group activities. Active play or relaxing in the cosy sitting area. Each location has a permanent team of enthusiastic employees. They ensure that the children receive the attention they deserve, all day, every day. At Day Nursery Belle Fleur there is always a reassuring, familiar face close by.


Belle Fleur is a member of sector organisation Kinderopvang. It goes without saying that every location is fully compliant with all the laws and regulations applicable to professional organisations in the sector. However, there are also many other areas in which a day nursery can strive to meet high standards yet is not required to do so. A good example is the air quality in the child care rooms. This is where the nursery staff work and naturally also where the children spend one or more days each week. In the baby group the staff struggled with the objectionable odour of the dirty nappies. It is not always possible to open the windows; certainly during the winter months, if there are small babies present, that would be irresponsible. This means the unpleasant smells tend to linger. This is disagreeable for the staff as well as for parents and/or guardians who would prefer to leave children in a clean, pleasant environment. The indoor air is continuously polluted not only by smells but also fine dust, micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses. This is unhealthy for both the children and staff. It can lead to illness, lung problems and allergic reactions. Belle Fleur turned to Euromate for advice.


After Euromate completed the assessment, a VisionAir1 CarbonMax was recommended for baby group Daisies’ playroom and a Vision- Air2 CarbonMax for baby group Sunflowers’ changing room. The active carbon in these filters removes unpleasant odours and gases. Lotte van de Kamp: “We strive to provide a fresh, clean day nursery. Because all the children in these groups wear nappies, at times the stink was practically unbearable. The air cleaner has eliminated this problem altogether. In the stomach flu season we are particularly grateful for it! Then we occasionally set the air cleaner to the highest setting and the stench is gone in minutes.” From 1 April 2017 childcare centres must be compliant with the 2012 Building Decree. It’s a good thing, too, because studies conducted by various branches of the Dutch public health service (GGD) have shown that the air quality in many childcare centres could do with some improvement (source: GGD). Belle Fleur is forward-looking and has already done what is necessary to ensure optimum air quality. Lotte van de Kamp: “An additional benefit is that we all notice not only that the odours have disappeared but also that the air feels much better and more pleasant.”


Products: VisionAir1 CarbonMax and VisionAir2 CarbonMax.
Maintenance: 4 times a year.

“We are very satisfied. The ability to boost the air cleaner power lets us completely eliminate bad smells in just minutes!”

“An additional benefit is that we all notice not only that the odours have disappeared but also that the air feels much better and more pleasant.”

Lotte van de Kamp, nursery practitioner baby group Belle Fleur Prinsenbeek


The VisionAir air cleaner can be equipped with various types of main filter, depending on the specific situation. The CarbonMax filter is one of these main filters and is specifically intended to remove unpleasant odours and VOCs from indoor air. This filter contains more than 4 kg of activated carbon and is designed to adsorb gases and odours to the greatest extent possible. The unique V-shaped filter construction provides extremely effective operation. On the one hand because the air remains in the filter longer and is therefore more thoroughly cleaned and on the other hand because the large surface area of the filter can process a greater volume of air. Ideal for removing pungent odours!

Characteristics of the VisionAir:
• Effective extraction and filtration
• Large range
• Mounting options: wall, floor or ceiling
• Low-noise
• User friendly
• Timeless design
• Energy efficient

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