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Over the past 100 years, Kerger has evolved to become a reliable expert supplier of superior electrotechnical products for the maritime and offshore industries. As a wholesaler, Kerger supplies more than 4500 products from stock alongside an extensive range of ‘specials’. With many years of experience, Kerger has acquired product knowledge and insight into the market and into its clients’ situations. These insights enable Kerger to provide the optimal solutions to meet its clients’ electrotechnical requirements. Kerger likes to take a pro-active and service-focused approach to its clients and suppliers. Its site in the Netherlands supplies optimal solutions for electrotechnical applications around the globe.


The customer/supplier relationship between Kerger and Euromate goes back more than twenty years. What seems inconceivable today was not always so – smoking in the office. The air cleaner did its job for years, filtering out tobacco smoke, and the unit’s air circulation function helped make the climate in the office that bit more comfortable. Evert Kaptein, Managing Director of Kerger: ‘We have a spacious office that accommodates fifteen people. Fine particulate is one of the reasons that we opted for air cleaning, but in a space containing so many people, unpleasant odours are not uncommon either. We worked with advisor Gerard Boomer from Euromate to assess the options for an ideal indoor climate for our employees.’


‘The old air cleaner needed to be replaced. When we were looking for a new air cleaner, we looked primarily at what the device could do and could deliver. Advisor Gerard Boomer was extremely helpful, and in light of our many years of experience with Euromate, we opted to purchase two new air VisionAir Blue Line cleaners from them,’ explains Evert Kaptein. ‘With the two units in place, air distribution in the room is much improved. These units are also much quieter, which is great, they’re almost silent in fact.’ Kerger’s Evert Kaptein also concluded a maintenance contract with Euromate. The company wanted minimal fuss and the guarantee of a properly functional device. Evert Kaptein continues, ‘Maintenance visits are always smooth – the engineer comes in, and leaves again after changing the filters and cleaning the units. He then takes the old filters away. We’re very happy with the service!’


• 2x VisionAir Blue Line 1 DustFree Universal

• Fine particulate and unpleasant odours

“It really does deliver clean air. We no longer experience any foreign odours and the units are almost silent!”

“We’re very happy with the service!’”

Evert Kaptein, Managing Director of Kerger


The VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner from Euromate improves indoor air quality significantly. It provides a fresh, pleasant working environment and has a positive impact on productivity and sick leave. The air is recirculated, polluted indoor air is cleaned and clean air is blown back into the room. That way no valuable heated or cooled air is lost.

Features of the VisionAir Blue Line
• Effective extraction and filtration
• Large range
• Fixing options: wall, floor or ceiling
• Low-noise
• User friendly
• Energy efficient

The modern design of the VisionAir Blue Line fits well in every interior. Moreover, the air cleaner produces little noise and is very user-friendly in operation. To spread an extra fresh scent throughout the room, the air cleaners can be equipped with FreeBreeze scent cartridges.

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