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The Kennemer Hospital has a long history. It has been located in Haarlem for over 400 years. The hospital is split into two locations: North and South. The South has polyclinics, along with wards, operating rooms and several laboratories. The board of directors and the management are also based here.


At the Cardio department (4th floor) one of the activities is to implant pacemakers. This department had been suffering from an indefinable odour. To try and solve these odour problems several studies, including extensive (sometimes very expensive) reports, were done. They looked at the sewer and possible structural leaks. In addition, air samples were taken and analysed to get a clear idea of the content of the air. After exhaustive tests it was found that the bad odour was caused by the Stoma department located directly above the cardiology department. The air, that caused the odour, is heavier than normal air. Because the windows are often open, this bad odour ended up one floor below in the Cardiology department. “Cees Kors has been Team Coordinator Engineering for 8 years at the Kennemer Gasthuis. The technical department has 17 employees. “We try to solve problems internally as much as possible. The experience of our staff is our key. Euromate was already known to us because we already have several air cleaners; in the smoking room and the Dermatology and Plastic Surgery departments. We have also facilitated smoking outside with outdoor smoking shelters. When the odour problem occurred at the cardio department, we did a test with a new air cleaner with a CarbonMax filter. The air cleaner solved about 75% of the odour problem. The other 25% is achieved by a good air conditioning system and the discipline of the staff.


During an appointment to discuss above problems, the introduction of the VisionAir CarbonMax was the central subject. This was the basis for a test with a VisionAir1 CarbonMax at the Stoma department for one month. Mr. Cees Kors was convinced that the problem must be tackled at the source. In addition, all of the air technology which is completely managed by their own technical department is well under control. After the test period, there were no complaints anymore. This became clear because (among others) the employees had to fill in a questionnaire on which they could indicate whether the smell was gone. During the test period there has been a good cooperation between Euromate and Kennemer Gasthuis. In addition, the employees were involved in this project. This way we made clear to the employees that:

• The odour was caused by the department situated on the floor above.
• Discipline contributes to solving the problem: Door closer on the door, keep windows closed and capacity of the sluice room was discussed which resulted in purchasing a second bedpan cleaner.

Half a year has gone by and there are no longer complaints. All employees have the feeling that they have been taken seriously. The technical department contributes to the solution. The odour problem is removed by the air cleaner for 80%. The existing air conditioning system (ventilation in sixfold at supply and discharge of air) and the discipline of the staff will do the rest.


Products: 1x VisionAir1 CarbonMax against bad odours
Maintenance: 2x per year replacement of CarbonMax filter

“The air cleaner solves about 75% of the odour problem. The other 25% is achieved by a good air conditioning system and discipline of staff.”

“Half a year has gone by and there are no longer complaints.”

Mr. C. A. Kors, Teamcoordinator Technology


Euromate’s VisionAir air cleaner improves the indoor air quality significantly. In addition, the air is recirculated. Polluted indoor air is purified and clean air is pumped back into the room. This means that no valuable heated or cooled air is lost.

Features of the VisionAir:
• Effective solution for odour problems caused by polluted air from the Stoma department
• Stand-alone solution
• Good addition to the existing air handling system and applicable anywhere
• Continuous solution to odour problems
• Environmentally friendly, no added chemicals
• Maintenance contract ensures an always optimal functioning device
• Advanced design, fits well in any interior

Thanks to its stylish design, the VisionAir fits in any interior. In addition, the air cleaner has a low noise level and is very user-friendly. As standard the air cleaners of Euromate are equipped with FreeBreeze cups, which add an aromatic freshness to the room.

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