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Daniëlle van Wattum owns dog salon ‘De Hondensalon’ in Budel. This dog grooming parlour is affiliated with trade association ABHB. Her customers can count on reliability, quality and professionalism.

When a customer brings a dog to a grooming salon, they expect the dog to be taken care of and treated with love and respect. Nothing could be more important to Ms Van Wattum of De Hondensalon either. In addition to her membership in the trade association, Daniëlle van Wattum’s business is recognised as a TOPtrimsalon by VVTN (Netherlands dog groomers’ association) and she regularly attends industry events and large shows to keep abreast of all the latest developments. Then her tremendous passion for animals and the profession came under threat when she developed health problems.


Over the fifteen years that Daniëlle van Wattum has worked in the field, after years of struggling with health issues, it is now clear that she has developed an allergy to dogs. She often suffered from a blocked nose, nasal discharge, itching, sinus irritation and pressure-pain in the forehead. Giving up her profession was out of the question. Therefore
A grooming session at a dog salon includes all of the following: trimming the nails; cleaning the ears; washing and blow drying the fur; brushing and combing; deshedding; detangling; and cutting, plucking, stripping, thinning or shaving the coat in the desired style or to the standard appropriate to the breed. As a result of all these activities the indoor air often contains impurities. And not just coarse and fine dog hair but also bacteria and viruses that dogs carry with them. In addition, chemicals such as cleansers are used, which are accompanied by unpleasant odours. All of this continuously pollutes the indoor air, which is an unhealthy situation for both staff and customers. It can lead to respiratory and pulmonary problems as well as allergic reactions.


Daniëlle van Wattum read about a possible solution on the internet using filters that clean the air. She posted a message on Facebook, and Account Manager Jos Stoop of Euromate responded. He assured her that up to 99% of her symptoms would disappear. Due to the urgency in connection with Ms Van Wattum’s health, a VisionAir1 air cleaner was quickly installed.
Daniëlle van Wattum says: “Bits of fur and dander are always drifting around in the air, especially when a dog shakes itself off, but with the new air cleaner you see the particles disappearing like smoke.” She continues: “My customers notice the difference, too. Some of them are also allergic and were unable to wait in the salon, but that is now a thing of the past. Sometimes they don’t realise it at first, and it doesn’t dawn on them until after the grooming session that they were able to stay the whole time without any discomfort. Others notice the difference straight away.” The VisionAir air cleaner has proven to be the perfect solution for her health problems. The air cleaner runs continuously at setting 2, and when the contamination is particularly bad it is switched to setting 3.


Products: VisionAir1 ElectroMax including carbon filter.
Maintenance: 12 times per year.

“I always wear a dust mask while working, but the difference is so apparent that I am inclined to stop wearing one!”

“My customers notice the difference, too.”

Ms Daniëlle van Wattum, owner of dog salon ‘De Hondensalon’


Euromate’s VisionAir air cleaner improves the indoor air quality significantly. In addition, the air is recirculated. Polluted indoor air is purified and clean air is pumped back into the room. This means that no valuable heated or cooled air is lost.

Features of the VisionAir:
• Effective extraction and filtration
• Large range
• Mounting options: wall, floor, ceiling
• Low noise level
• User-friendly
• Timeless design
• Energy-saving

The VisionAir fits in any interior thanks to its stylish design. In addition, the air cleaner has a low noise level and is very user-friendly. As standard the air cleaners of Euromate are equipped with FreeBreeze cups which add an aromatic freshness to the room.

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